Now it’s over and out for the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s handheld 3DS machine has been cooking for a while, but now it finally seems to be over. It reports among others the site Engadget. Without making a big deal out of it, Nintendo has quietly conveyed the message that the production of the 3DS has ended on, among other things, its British and Japanese […]

Nintendo discontinues production of 3DS handheld | NOW

Nintendo has stopped making the Nintendo 3DS. The company writes that on one product page. The handheld was sold in several variations from 2011 onwards. It is not clear when Nintendo stopped production. Several Japanese Twitter users noticed the change on Wednesday. The Nintendo 3DS is still for sale at the moment, but probably while […]

gamescom 2020 // Headup Games and HandyGames with many announcements and events at the Indie Arena Booth Online – ntower – your Nintendo online magazine – ntower

On Thursday, August 27, 2020, gamescom starts with gamescom: Opening Night Live. The next day the digital program of gamescom with its numerous partners follows. Among other things Indie Arena Booth is there, even if only in digital form. On over 100,000 virtual square meters, visitors to the virtual exhibition stand can use the 185 […]