WOW: Shadowlands breaks records on the day of its premiere

Blizzard announced that more news is coming soon. World of Warcraft: Shadowlands arrived at the end of last November. And it has done so by breaking records, as confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment, developer of the title. The company indicates that within 24 hours of its launch, 3.7 million games had been sold worldwide. In this […]

Now it’s over and out for the Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo’s handheld 3DS machine has been cooking for a while, but now it finally seems to be over. It reports among others the site Engadget. Without making a big deal out of it, Nintendo has quietly conveyed the message that the production of the 3DS has ended on, among other things, its British and Japanese […]

Nintendo discontinues production of 3DS handheld | NOW

Nintendo has stopped making the Nintendo 3DS. The company writes that on one product page. The handheld was sold in several variations from 2011 onwards. It is not clear when Nintendo stopped production. Several Japanese Twitter users noticed the change on Wednesday. The Nintendo 3DS is still for sale at the moment, but probably while […]