HRW: Russian forces tortured prisoners in Izium

In late September and early October, the human rights organization spoke to over 100 people who were in Izium when the city was occupied from March to September. Almost all of the people HRW spoke to said they had a family member or friend who was tortured, while 15 people said they were tortured. All […]

Russia is forcibly evicting Ukrainians, HRW reports

According to HRW, Russian and pro-Russian authorities have also subjected hundreds of Ukrainian citizens to required and forced screening, the so-termed filtering. – The firm spoke to 54 individuals who had to go to Russia, were screened, assisted Ukrainians to depart Russia, or have family associates or friends who had been forcibly displaced into Russian […]

USA: Human Rights Watch urges an end to an “abusive” Texas immigration policy

Human Rights Watch (HRW) branded Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s immigration policy on Monday as racist and abusive, and pointed out that the US Government should immediately suspend funds for Texas agencies involved in an operation that uses since 2021 National Guard soldiers for immigration matters. “Operation Lone Star (Lone Star) is a discriminatory and abusive […]

Russian propaganda in Berlin: a sign of poverty

It’s a slap in the face to the war refugees. While Putin’s troops are murdering, his supporters parade through Berlin with waving flags. A shame for the capital. For many it will have been close. They escaped with great difficulty and made it from the Ukraine to Berlin. They have fled Russian tanks in their […]

Maduro is rebuked for saying he has vaccinated 102% of Venezuelans

Human Rights Watch (HRW) questioned the ruler of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, after he said that they had vaccinated 102% of the Venezuelan population against covid-19 and described his statement as “nonsense”. – The director for the Americas of Human Rights Watch (HRW)Tamara Taraciuk, rebuked the ruler of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, after he said that they […]

US, EU, and 20 Countries Condemn Taliban for Killing Afghan Army

The US, EU and 20 countries condemned the Taliban for killing Afghan soldiers. Photo/ ACCEPTANCE – United States of America (AS), European Union and 20 countries condemned Taliban on charges of murder of former police and intelligence officers in Afghanistan . The statement issued on Saturday came after Human Rights Watch (HRW) published a report […]

Venezuela. They vaccinate minors against covid-19

Gino, 7, was waiting “nervous”, because he is afraid of needles. His mother, Carmen, was relieved. The vaccination of children and young people against covid-19 is underway in Venezuela amid skepticism. “There are mothers who do not want to,” he told the AFP Carmen Gardinella while waiting for Gino to receive a dose of the […]