In Australia, firefighters were called due to the smell of fruit

Photo: Adisorn Koey-asa/Alamy Durian fruit provoked a firefighter call at a shopping mall in Australia – – The emergency services were looking for a gas leak in the mall. It was later revealed that the smell of gas was emitted by the tropical fruit durian. In the Australian capital Canberra, firefighters were called in a […]

From 2022, potatoes, cucumbers and apples without plastic packaging in France

– – A Frenchman buys fruit in Nice. – The decision affects the sale of 30 types of fruits and vegetables About 30 types of fruits and vegetables will be available in France without plastic and plastic packaging from January 1 next year, CNN reported. This is clear from a published ordinance of the responsible […]

China continues to import more fruit from Thailand

Through : Yann| Key words : fruits, ASEAN, Thailand | Updated on 11-10-2021– The peak season for Southeast Asian fruit imports has arrived in China. At Youyi Road Port in Pingxiang City of South Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, many trucks loaded with durians, mangosteen and other Thai fruits are entering China one after another […]

Such a miracle with the prices of granites has not happened for years

Most vegetables have risen in price in the third week of September (13-17), and the price of gherkins, peppers, cabbage and potatoes has risen the most. This is shown in the latest weekly bulletin of the State Commission on Commodity Exchanges and Markets (SCSBT). Exceptions are tomatoes from the field and greenhouse cucumbers, which have […]

Make a diet to beautify the skin

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Fruit jamun may still sound foreign to the ear. In fact, there are many benefits of jamblang fruit. Jamblang fruit has an oval shape like a grape. This fruit is also often referred to as Javanese grape. the skin of the fruit is black with some white flesh, some are white […]

Vitamins that Help Increase Body Endurance, Help Protect from Covid-19

LUMJANG NEWS – In increasing one’s immune system, it is necessary to consume nutritious foods. Healthy living starts from the food we consume daily, it doesn’t need to be expensive, because there are many foods around us that are classified as healthy. Five servings of vegetables and fruit can help the body get vitaminminerals, and […]

10 Fruits for Pregnant Women and Their Vitamin Content

Mothers who are pregnant can keep their nutrition fulfilled through various things healthy food for pregnant women. One of them by eating fruits that contain good nutrients. There are many types of fruits that are easy to find and can be consumed anytime. Although it has good nutrition to maintain health, fruit consumption also has […]

Rich in Nutrients, These are 19 Benefits of Bananas for Health

The benefits of bananas we need to know, especially this fruit grows a lot in Indonesia. Bananas don’t know seasons, so whenever you want to eat them it’s easy to find them. Even this fruit is often a plant for the home page. There are many types of bananas in Indonesia. All types of bananas […]

Melon price in Ukraine – why the cost has grown

Thus, compared to last week, the melon has risen in price by an average of 33%. Now farmers ship melons from the field in bulk for 4-8 UAH / kg. However, in the markets and in stores they are sold from 11 UAH / kg, and about 30 UAH / kg are imported. According to […]