With superior cameras and a competitive price… Meet the new Samsung phone

Samsung is preparing to launch a new Galaxy phone, which will have excellent specs and cameras with high imaging capabilities. According to the latest rumors, the anticipated Galaxy A74 Pro phone will have a 6.9-inch Super AMOLED screen, with a display resolution of (1440/3200) pixels and a frequency of up to 144 hertz, to be […]

Toyota launches advanced and fuel-efficient all-wheel drive… Check it out

Toyota unveiled the new Innova, which it designed to be both a large and sophisticated family SUV. The new car has undergone some external changes compared to previous Innova cars, as it has been equipped with new LED lamps, and some additions have been made in the form of shock absorbers and air intakes in […]

Try the Taksaka luxury night train, check out 11 special facilities

Jakarta – Travel using Taksaka (KA) Luxury Night Train also comfortable. detikTravel try all the services offered on the train along the journey from Gambir Jakarta Station to Yogyakarta Station. A myriad of services are offered by the Taksaka Luxury Sleeper Train for its passengers. With a paid ticket, there are at least 17 services […]

Meet the new Chevrolet Trax

Chevrolet unveiled the new Trax, designed to be one of the most beautiful, most affordable and most advanced crossovers. In terms of appearance, the new vehicle differed considerably from previous Trax cars, as it had a leaner bodywork with a modern look and its structure was designed to be less air resistant thanks to the […]

Celebrities reveal their mental illness .. Get to know them!

Mental health problems and mental illnesses affect everyone, so they don’t distinguish between celebrities or ordinary people, and with the spread of the culture of talking about mental health and caring for it, many international and Arab stars have dared, and revealed their suffering negative feelings, and their daily battles with mental illness, which prompted […]

One of the best Android phones … Discover the new OnePlus 10R!

Among the most prominent Android phones that have recently emerged is the OnePlus 10R, which has excellent performance, high imaging capabilities and fast work even with 5G networks. The phone comes with an elegant structure in plastic, metal and shockproof and scratch-resistant glass, its dimensions are (163.3 / 75.5 / 8.2) mm and its weight […]

Do you know the “Thunder Therapy”? Or how the storm can help you overcome anxiety

While for some the arrival of a storm is more heartbreaking than anything else, a British study has highlighted the fact that noises related to bad weather can have soothing properties. – – Feared by some, thunderstorms are, however, an unrecognized ally of well-being. In fact, according to a British study, letting yourself be lulled […]

Extra impressive and much more innovative … Discover the new Nissan X Trail!

Nissan sellers have announced the firm’s intention to start new X-Trail models in Europe and some significant world wide markets. The new motor vehicle has acquired slight variations to the chassis exterior structure in comparison to previous X-Trail cars and was constructed on the tough CMF-C / D system, but its duration has improved somewhat […]

Emirati information and facts protection engineer, skilled in Spain

Nouf Al-Enezi turned the initially global Emirati player to perform in Spanish stadiums, right after Leganes introduced his contract with her as portion of strengthening her ranks to move up to the to start with division. Nouf, 25, performed a pleasant with Leganes in opposition to the girls of Real Madrid, and mentor Yero Martos […]