They rescue a citizen who fell while climbing a rocky mountain

Yesterday, in the afternoon, members of the “Alférez Portinari” Group and High Mountain Special Group, dependent on Squadron 28 “Tunuyán”, were alerted about the accident of a man when he was carrying out climbing activities in the sector called “Chorro de la Vieja”, in the province of Mendoza. Immediately, the officials They approached the place […]

Experts have named the best time for coffee

Photo: It is good to drink coffee half an hour after waking up at breakfast. A cup of drink 30 minutes after waking up will help the body wake up and reduce appetite during breakfast. American nutritionists have named the best time to have a cup of coffee. Their recommendations published website She Finds. […]

One of the reasons for the severe course of COVID-19 discovered

Photo: The reason lies in autoantibodies Many autoantibodies have been recorded in the body of seriously ill coronavirus infection. German and American researchers found that patients hospitalized with coronavirus infection had an increased level of autoantibody production. This leads to a severe course of COVID-19 in some patients. This is stated in the magazine […]

conclusions of the largest metabolism study ever conducted

Metabolism has been measured by researchers throughout life, and the data materialized in the largest study ever conducted in this segment. So that’s why we’re gaining weight. The results may surprise you, writes Hotnews. The study, published in the journal Science, suggests that metabolism – the rate at which our body burns calories – begins […]

Interior Commerce signed an agreement to promote book publishing

The Secretary of Domestic Commerce of the Nation, Paula Español, sealed an agreement with the authorities of the Argentine Chamber of Publications (CAP) and the Argentine Federation of the Graphic and Related Industry (FAIGA) to promote the edition, printing and commercialization of books in Argentina for the local market and export. The agreement was ratified […]

Found a super effective treatment for breast cancer

Photo: Scientists have found a new way to treat breast cancer The ErSO drug kills 95-100% of breast cancer cells, as well as their metastases throughout the body. American scientists have developed a new cancer treatment method that is capable of destroying up to 100% of breast tumor cells. The results of the study […]

The CNMC conditions the sale of Red Eléctrica’s fiber optics | Companies

The CNMC tries to solve a major summer snake. The agency clarifies if it has veto power in the process that Red Eléctrica has initiated to divest itself of up to 49% of its fiber optic network, grouped in the Reintel subsidiary, according to financial sources. The process, which valued the company at 1,200 million […]

New training cycle for entrepreneurs “Impulsa con Facebook”

The Ministry of Productive Development Y Facebook They presented a new training cycle aimed at female and male entrepreneurs from all over the country who wish to promote and develop their businesses. These trainings are focused on providing tools, advice and recommendations for startups and companies in the use of different platforms to improve their […]

Copa América: Argentina – Ecuador, in the public media

Argentina faces Ecuador for the quarterfinals of the Copa América and the public media they will be alongside the men’s national team in the dream of moving forward. On Public Television, the transmission will begin at 20.00, with Sergio Goycochea, Ángela Lerena and Miguel Tití Fernández opening the preview. The party will have stories of […]