Thoha Breaks into BCA Account, Muin is Stressed to Lose Weight

Jakarta – Account Muin Zachy’s BCA was broken into. Muin became stressed and his body became thin. Mohamad Thoha and a rickshaw driver named Setu had broken into Muin’s account. In fact, in that account, there was money from the sale of two houses. The nominal amount is IDR 320 million. Reported detikJatim, Muin’s legal […]

Detecting 8 Symptoms Indicating Cervical Cancer • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A nurse who specializes in cancer has revealed the known and lesser-known symptoms that you should watch out for for cervical cancer. vaginal bleeding Lisa Jack, MD, a cancer nurse specialist at PercyHealth Cancer Center Online, said unusual vaginal bleeding is a key sign to watch out for. And she explained that if […]

Radio signal detected 9 billion light years away

Scientists received a radio signal from a galaxy about 9 billion light-years from Earth. As scientists continue their studies on space, they occasionally reach surprisingly mysterious findings. From time to time, astronomers discover radio signals from deep space and investigate the source of these signals. 9 billion light-years distant signal received Scientists received a radio […]