Apple: analyst, in 24 hours ordered 2 million iPhone 12 – Hi-tech

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, OCTOBER 19 – Orders for the iPhone 12 exceeded those for the iPhone 11 in the first 24 hours. The estimate is by the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities, according to whom Apple sold 2 million iPhone 12s in the first 24 hours it could be ordered. The analyst […]

Leaking! Buy iPhone 12 Now, iPhone 13 Reportedly Launching Next Year

ZONAJAKARTA.COM -Launching iPhone 12 horrendous the world some time ago. The reason is, Apple considered to dare to launch iPhone 12 in the middle pandemic. Mengusung tagline “High Speed”, iPhone 12 will be equipped with the A14 Chip and 5G network connectivity. iPhone 12 released with 4 different models. Starts with iPhone 12 Mini with […]

Want to know about LiDAR embedded in the HP iPhone 12 camera, check this out

BRASS DIALECTICS – Company Apple has issued a new series namely iPhone 12, where this cellphone supports the 5G network. However, it’s not the only feature on iPhone 12 which is busy talking about the public today. But there is another camera feature on iPhone 12 which is already in LiDAR technology or Light Detection […]

Samsung Display supplies OLED screens for the iPhone 12

Jakarta – Since almost half a year ago, there were rumors about Samsung Display who could potentially sign a contract with Apple as the main screen supplier for the series iPhone 12. This news has been proven true. According to the latest reports quoted from SamMobile, Almost all of the iPhone 12 series launched earlier […]

Samsung leads the global smartphone market in August 2020, Jakarta – Market research firm Counterpoint Research reports Samsung in August 2020 has widened the market share gap with Huawei. The South Korean company is listed as leading sales smartphone global with 22 percent market share in that period. Quoted from GSM Arena, Sunday (18/10/2020), Samsung compared to April 2020 an increase of 2 […]

Uncovering the Reasons behind Apple Selling the iPhone 12 without a charger

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – A number of Apple fanboys and fangirls are still upset with Apple’s decision to sell the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max without a charger and earphones. This decision turned out to benefit Apple from a business standpoint. At the launch event for the […]

The iPhone 12 Pro camera carries a LiDAR sensor, what is it?

Jakarta – Apple brings many new features to the quartet iPhone 12 which just launched. One of them is the LiDar sensor that is on iPhone 12 Pro dan Pro Max. In the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max camera module, you can see the sensor LiDAR under the camera and flash array. This sensor […]

The iPhone 12 Pro may be shunned by consumers, here’s the reason

Jakarta – iPhone 12 has been launched by Apple and maybe later it will be immediately hunted down by fanboys when it is marketed. However, the average consumer is more likely to turn to the iPhone 12, not the iPhone 12 Pro or the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Industry analysts think Apple has failed to […]

Xiaomi and Samsung are compactly signaling the Apple iPhone 12

loading… JAKARTA – Apple has just released four of its newest devices, namely the iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. (Also read: Those with money must ask, when will the iPhone 12 enter Indonesia?) But there is something different about the iPhone box this time. Yes, Apple this […]

Watch out! iPhone 12 Becomes a New Scam Mode

Jakarta – Antivirus company Kaspersky detect scamming or fraudulent activity that is lurking about the launch iPhone 12 called by Apple. Be careful Apple fanboy, you can be a victim! On Tuesday (13/10) local time, Apple introduced its newest generation iPhone, namely iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 Mini. Like euphoria […]