Covid in Colombia: possibility of fourth peak predicted by Minsalud | Government | Economy

A few months ago, the country’s health authorities (Ministry of Health, National Institute of Health) projected that Colombia would experience a fourth peak of covid-19 during October. (See: Covid: How Molnupiravir Oral Antiviral Treatment Would Work). However, the forecast changed and that fourth peak would be in the eleventh month of the year, that is, […]

Latin America concentrates up to 46% of deaths from covid-19: PAHO

Mexico, United States, Brazil, Peru and Colombia are among the 10 countries with the highest mortality from covid-19, including health workers in the first line of response to the emergency, assured the director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), Carissa F. Etienne. “Five countries in America: the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia […]

Copa America, The rant of James Rodriguez

Not selected to participate in the Copa America with Colombia, James Rodriguez speaks of a “lack of respect”. This Sunday, Colombia will enter the competition in a Copa America that it should have organized. But, faced with the political unrest to which the country is a victim in addition to the Covid-19 crisis in Argentina, […]

Women with ALS Laughter, Even though they want to be euthanized tomorrow

Bogota – What will you do when the day of your death is near? Martha Sepúlveda Camp spent the rest of her time on earth drinking beer and laughing with those closest to her a few days before being put to death. Martha will be the first Colombian to receive euthanasia in a non-lethal condition. […]

Tomorrow, this woman celebrates her last day with beer

loading… BOGOTA – Woman Colombia This will end life on Sunday (10/10/2021) tomorrow with euthanasia or lethal injection. He joked with his son by drinking beer to celebrate the last day of his life. Martha Sepúlveda Campo, 51, smiles at the television camera while joking with her son. His request for euthanasia was granted by […]

Pandora Papers in Latin America: who shows up, who is investigated?

Santiago et. al. The revelations of the so-called “Pandora Papers” also affect many Latin American countries and incumbent presidents such as Sebastían Piñera (Chile), Guillermo Lasso (Ecuador) and Luis Abinader (Dominican Republic). But also former presidents or current members of the government such as the Brazilian Minister of Economic Affairs or the Mexican Minister of […]

Copa America: the masterclass of Wuilker Farinez (Venezuela)

Venezuela held Colombia in check (0-0) on Matchday 2 of Group B of Copa America. The RC Lens goalkeeper delivered a monumental performance that earned him the man of the match. With 8 saves during the match, he equaled the competition record which dated back to 2007. During the defeat against Brazil (0-3), his coach […]

Juventus decides the future of Juan Guillermo Cuadrado within the club

Juventus of Turin has analyzed and made the decision about the future of Colombian Juan Guillermo Cuadrado, who ends his contract in 2022. Strikers writing October 03, 2021 23:07 Juan Guillermo has become an indispensable player for Juventus over the last few seasons, since his arrival from Chelsea more than five years ago, the Colombian […]

Jaime Echenique says he does not feel pressure to reach the NBA

Barranquillero can be seen from leagues. Nothing else was that he came to the Washington Wizards press room to say phrases like “Barranquilla, this is for you! Long live Barranquilla! ”. Sayings worthy of a swashbuckling ‘currambero’. This is how the athlete who can make history for Colombian sports made his appearance before the media: […]