Colombia, most wanted ‘narco’ in the country – Latin America

Colombia’s most wanted drug dealer, Dario Antonio Usuga, known as ‘Otoniel’, has been captured. This was announced by the Colombian government. Head of the Gulf clan, the most powerful and feared cocaine drug trafficking group in the world, will face numerous trials for various crimes. Over Usuga’s head hung a bounty of up to five […]

Ukraine is one of the seven world exporters of raspberries

Ukraine is increasing the export of raspberries The export volume of Ukrainian frozen raspberries amounted to just under 21 thousand tons, which allowed the country to overtake Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mexico and China. Ukraine became one of the seven world leaders in the export of raspberries. The share of Ukraine in this market is about […]

++ China: September trade surplus at 66 billion, + 28% exports ++ – Last Hour

(ANSA) – BEIJING, OCTOBER 13 – China’s trade surplus unexpectedly grew to 66.76 billion dollars in September, well beyond market expectations of 46.8 billion and almost double the 35.45 billion in September 2020, reaching the highest levels since last December despite the rise in the costs of raw materials and the energy crisis that hit […]

Nickel Ore Exports Leak to China, RI Loss Hundreds of Trillions

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Ekonom senior Faisal Basri assessing the country’s losses of up to hundreds of trillions due to leakage export nickel ore in the last five years. This leak is specifically for exports to China. “The last five years the state has lost hundreds of trillions,” said Faisal in the Core Media Discussion: […]

Gazprom raised its forecast for export gas prices

Photo: Median.Az Gazprom hopes for a cold winter and high gas prices For 2022, Gazprom expects the average price to be well above $ 350 per thousand cubic meters. Russian gas monopoly Gazprom has increased its estimate of the average price of gas exports to non-CIS countries for 2021 from the recent $ 270 to […]

Gazprom expects a “good” winter

Photo: Median.Az Gazprom hopes for a cold winter A cold winter is a good winter for Gazprom, the company said. This year’s export is the second in history. Russian Gazprom expects that this winter will be cold, and therefore good for the company, reports RIA Novosti Wednesday, October 6th. “Good winter, cold. It will be […]

The Nation / Paraguay will export beef to the United States from 2022

For this year, exports of livestock products will reach US $ 2,000 million, thus exceeding by 70% the level of shipments that was achieved last year, explained the president of the National Service for Animal Quality and Health (Senacsa) , Dr. José Carlos Martin Camperchioli. The announcement was made during a meeting called La Noche […]

Exports and imports increased in Ukraine – State Statistics Service

Photo: Ukraine trades with 228 countries Ukraine exported most of its goods to China, Poland and Turkey. And most of all imported from China, Germany and Russia. In Ukraine, from January to July 2021, compared to the same period last year, imports of goods increased by 28.6% to $ 37.24 billion, while exports increased […]