Pakistani nuclear program manager dies

Abdul Qadir Khan Abdul Qadir Khan, considered the “father” of the Pakistani nuclear program, has died from the effects of the coronavirus. Pakistani nuclear physicist, head of Pakistan’s nuclear program, Abdul Qadir Khan, has died of coronavirus. This was announced by Prime Minister Imran Khan on his Twitter page. “Our people loved him because it […]

Hundreds of people in Germany received expired vaccines

Photo: Unsplash Expired Moderna vaccine was used in Germany for more than a month The authorities of the country do not expect any negative consequences for those vaccinated with an expired vaccine. The residents of Germany were injected with the expired Moderna coronavirus vaccine. In total, 840 people received such injections. On Friday, September 17, […]

In Leverkusen, the consequences of the gigantic explosion are still worrying

Unfortunately, we believe that we will not find the missing alive, admitted Frank Hyldmar, boss of the Currenta group, two days later the gigantic explosion, heard more than 50 km away, which devastated its waste treatment plant, near Leverkusen, in the west of Germany. Cancers and malformations in newborns Five dead employees, two others missing […]

Lucie is banned from doctors! Bohuš Matuš talks about big trouble

At first it didn’t seem like such a problem, but as soon as there was a lot of pain, it was clear that it was wrong! Lucy Matušová (18) described the dramatic moments that led to the operating room. “I said I had an umbilical hernia right after giving birth, I just couldn’t figure it […]

A hallucinogenic mushroom could cure the consequences of depression

According to researchers at Yale University, United States, psilocybin could help fight depressive disorders. The latter have indeed carried out a study on this substance contained in certain hallucinogenic mushrooms, reports Futura-Sciences, Wednesday July 7. The researchers then found that a single dose of psilocybin given to mice resulted in an increase “Immediate and lasting […]

Died writer Slava Se –

Photo: Facebook / Slava Se Soldatenko was hospitalized on June 3 The famous writer died from the consequences of coronavirus infection at the age of 53 in Riga. Writer and screenwriter Vyacheslav Soldatenko, better known as Slava Se, has died in Latvia. He was 52 years old. LTV7. Soldatenko was hospitalized in one of the […]

The Observatory for Children’s Education and Health

MONTREAL, June 14, 2021 – How to minimize the consequences of the pandemic on current and future generations? This is a question that will be answered by an ambitious research project carried out at CHU Sainte-Justine and at the University of Montreal under the leadership of the professor. Sylvana Cote. With major funding of $ […]

Searches are underway in hospitals of Ukrzaliznytsia – media

Photo: NABU The case concerns the theft of 60 million hryvnia Medical institutions of Ukrzaliznytsia received money to treat patients with coronavirus, but, according to the investigation, they did not. In the hospitals of Ukrzaliznytsia on Thursday, June 10, searches are underway due to the case of embezzlement of funds for the treatment of patients […]