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consequences of the attacks, searches on Proskur are completed

The main news of the current day is in the MG “Objective” chronicle.


The number of residential buildings in Kharkov damaged as a result of the attacks on January 23 has increased to 222. Of these, 42 are private

In total, 5 thousand windows were broken in these houses, of which almost 3 thousand have already been closed, reports the press service of the City Council.

Utility workers also recorded five damaged roofs.

In addition, 28 non-residential buildings were destroyed. There are more than 1.2 thousand broken windows. Work to eliminate the consequences of missile strikes continues.

Photo: Kharkov City Council


Search work at the site of a five-story building partially destroyed by a Russian missile on Academician Proskura in Kharkov has been completed

“Today the bodies of two more people and two dogs were recovered. With the help of heavy engineering equipment, 160 tons of construction waste were removed over two days. In total, as a result of yesterday’s Russian strike on Kharkov, ten people were killed,” noted the regional department of the State Emergency Service.

Photo: State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Kharkov region


There may still be people under the rubble in Kharkov; about a hundred people were evacuated from the Kupyan region in a week

The head of KHOVA Oleg Sinegubov reported on the air of the national marathon:

🔹consequences of Russian missile attacks on Kharkov on January 23,

🔹evacuation from dangerous settlements of Kupyanshchina,

🔹Russian DRGs in the Kharkov region.

Photo: screenshot14:30

The bodies of the dead were pulled out from under the rubble; the man was 57 years old, the woman was 56.

This was announced by the head of KhOVA Oleg Sinegubov.


Already 10 dead in Kharkov due to Russian strike: bodies of spouses found under rubble

Rescuers from under the rubble of a five-story building, into which Russians fell on January 23, are unblocking two bodies of a man and a woman, said the head of the KhOVA Oleg Sinegubov.

The head of the Investigation Department of the Main Directorate of Police of Ukraine in the Kharkov region, Sergei Bolvinov, noted that the bodies were found nearby.

“They are probably spouses. Two dogs also died along with them; red dachshunds were found nearby,” Bolvinov added.

The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, said that the dead lived on the first floor.


Rescuers found a man’s body under the rubble of a five-story building in the Kiev region

The body is being released, the Kharkov regional prosecutor’s office reported.

“Gender and other details will be announced later. The death toll increased to 9 people. The search and rescue operation continues,” police noted.


Strikes on Kharkov on January 23: 186 houses damaged, 42 of them private

This was reported in the Kharkov City Council. Damage was recorded in the Kiev, Saltov and Kholodnogorsk regions. Also, due to the shelling, more than 4.5 thousand windows were broken. Utility workers have already closed more than 1.1 thousand window circuits.

“The inspection of buildings for damage continues. At the sites of missile hits, our municipal services continue to eliminate the damage to facades and roofs, close the contours of buildings – doors and windows, remove glass and bulky debris from the sidewalks,” the mayor’s office noted.

Photo: Kharkov City Council12:52

Law enforcement officers showed the consequences of shelling in the Kharkiv region

On January 23 at about 20:00 the Russian army shelled Kupyansk. A number of private houses and outbuildings were damaged in the city, reported in the Kharkov regional prosecutor’s office.

Also yesterday at about 10:15 p.m., the invaders shelled the village of Liptsy. Windows were broken in private homes and the fire station building was damaged.

Investigators began a pre-trial investigation into violations of the laws and customs of war (Part 1 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code).

Photo: Kharkov regional prosecutor’s office12:07

In the Kharkov region, two men were hit by a train: one of them died

On January 22, in the city of Pivdenny, a 40-year-old pedestrian died under the wheels of a commuter train. The emergency occurred between the Artemovka and Komarovka stations. The Main Directorate of the National Police in the Kharkov region found out that the man was crossing the railway track in an unspecified place. The driver made an emergency brake, but could not avoid the tragedy.

On the same day, in the village of Pokotilovka, near the railway station, the Kharkov-Krasnograd electric train injured a 41-year-old local resident. The husband and wife walked along an odd path towards the station. The victim was hospitalized in serious condition, police added.


Terekhov spoke about the condition of the wounded, the connection of utility networks and the departure of people from Kharkov

The mayor of Kharkov, Igor Terekhov, commented on the consequences of a series of Russian missile attacks:

🔹There are 40 Kharkov residents in hospitals, the removal of rubble continued – Terekhov

🔹Terekhov commented on the departure of families with children from Kharkov

🔹After missile attacks in Kharkov, 1 house without heat, 2 without water and 6 without light

Photo: screenshot09:49

A Russian missile destroyed a landmark building in the center of Kharkov

A photo from the site of the evening “arrival” of S-300 missiles along Pushkinskaya was published by the head of the KhOVA Oleg Sinegubov.

Photo: telegram Olega Sinegubova08:50

In Kharkov, after the evening strike, four are in the hospital; in Liptsy, fire and ambulance posts were damaged – Sinegubov

As a result of the evening missile attack from the S-300 air defense system on Kharkov, nine people were injured, including one child, a four-year-old girl.

“She was treated on the spot. Four people were hospitalized – two men, two women. The condition is average,” said the head of the KhOVA Oleg Sinegubov on the morning of January 24.

Also at about 22:30 on January 23, Liptsy was shelled. There, the fire station building, a modular emergency station and an ambulance, as well as a gas pipeline, were damaged.


The General Staff reported an airstrike on Liptsy

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in its morning report listed the settlements of the Kharkov region that were hit by enemy airstrikes. Their list has expanded compared to the evening report.

“Air strikes were received by: Cossack Lopan, Liptsy, Gatishche, Kharkov region,” noted the General Staff.

In the Kupyansk direction, the Defense Forces repelled a Russian attack near Sinkovka.


A night of alarms and clearing of rubble, there are already nine victims

During the night in Kharkov they continued to eliminate the consequences of another missile strike. Russian missiles hit the center and Kholodnogorsk district of the city on the evening of January 23. As of this morning, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine reported about nine victims, including a four-year-old child.

“We first hit with S-300 missiles. Residential buildings, civil infrastructure, and a scientific institution were damaged,” the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported.

Press service of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine clarified: “Two fires formed on a total area of ​​15 square meters. m. State Emergency Service workers evacuated 16 people, including two children. All nearby buildings were also inspected.” On the morning of January 24, rescuers reported that they had completed liquidation of the consequences.

Air raid alarms continued to sound throughout the night in Kharkov. They were announced from 01:16 to 02:01 and from 05:43 to 06:41.

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