Russia may stop gas supplies to Moldova – media

Photo: Ukraine promised to help Moldova with gas Russia refused to supply gas to Moldova at the proposed price; supplies may be cut off as early as November. Russia and Moldova did not agree on the terms of a new gas contract, and supplies from November 1 were in jeopardy. Writes about it Interfax […]

4 Hockey-Carrying Shio, Their Sustenance Can Flow Non-stop – A number of shio this turned out to be a lot of hockey carriers. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with approaching them, because the sustenance will never stop flowing. Here are 4 shio that are predicted to be many hockey and rich from mid-October. 1. Chinese Pig READ ALSO: Red Onion Mixed With […]

Policemen attacked with a pitchfork near Kiev

Photo: Near Kiev, a man attacked police officers with a pitchfork A drunk man rushed with a pitchfork at the law enforcement officers – they managed to stop him only with a warning shot in the air. A resident of the Fastovsky district of the Kiev region rushed at the police with a pitchfork. […]

Zuckerberg, ‘mole’ painted fake Facebook image – Last Hour

” they don’t make any sense. “ “We are deeply concerned – he writes – about issues such as safety, well-being and mental health. It is difficult to see a cover that misrepresents our work and our motivations. At the most basic level I think many of you do not recognize the false image of […]

Tomorrow’s Fortune 4 Shio Wow Really, No Money Entering Account… – End of September, will make some shio it’s wide-eyed to see his luck. Because, the sustenance will flow never ending. The following 4 zodiac signs will be rolling luck, they can get rich quick. 1. Shio Snake READ ALSO: Nikita Mirzani Wants To Feel Anu, Doctor Boyke: Get Out Years of Birth: 1953, […]

Warming cannot be stopped. Scientists pronounced their verdict

There is no doubt that the atmosphere, ocean and land are warmed by human activity, says the landmark climate report. And it is too late to stop some destructive consequences. Many climate changes can no longer be stopped or reversed, says the 1300-page UN report on the impact of human activities on the environment, predicting […]

In Kiev, a stop flew into a trolleybus

Photo: frame from video The stop in Kiev was placed on the roadway Due to the poorly fixed structure, it was blown into the roadway by the wind. Nobody was hurt as a result of the accident. In Kiev, on Monday, July 26, a public transport stop flew into a trolleybus. The video of the […]

China’s attitude preventing finding the origin of the virus?

“Not having access to the field is a major obstacle” Étienne Decroly, research director at CNRS, specializing in the mechanisms and replication of emerging viruses. To discover the origin of SARS-COV-2, it is necessary to be able to investigate around the areas of emergence of the disease in humans: it is necessary to have access […]