Businesswoman discovered new black gold. He makes paving stones from used tires

Businesswoman Ifedolapo Runsewe of West African Nigeria, a country heavily dependent on oil export earnings, recently discovered another type of black gold: used tires. She founded a tire recycling company last year and at that time only four people worked for it. Today, it employs 128 workers, who have so far recycled over 100,000 used […]

In Nigeria, gunmen killed 20 people in attack

“The bandits killed at least 20 people in large numbers, whom we saw and counted, and set 9 vehicles on fire,” said Idris Gobir, special adviser to the Minister of Police Affairs of Sokoto. He also said that armed bandits rode motorcycles and occasionally shot, killing several people. In the northwest of Nigeria, since December […]

Nearly 6,000 Boko Haram fighters in Nigeria have surrendered

It is the largest mass defection from Boko Haram since the uprising began twelve years ago, and follows the assassination of Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau in May. Shekau’s control of Boko Haram had already weakened after a group called ISWAP broke out and became ever stronger. The mass defection puts the authorities in the […]

Nigeria Withdraws Ambassador to Indonesia After Diplomats Fight With Immigration Officers

ABUJA, – Nigeria attract ambassadors for Indonesia related allegations persecution by immigration officials against a diplomat in Jakarta. Nigerian Foreign Minister Geoffrey Onyema made the announcement after viewing a video of the persecution that had viral on social media last weekend. “After seeing the video on social media, we immediately contacted the Ambassador to […]

Indonesian Ambassador Clarifies to the Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding Diplomats Shouting ‘I Can’t Breathe’

Jakarta – The Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria, Usra Hendra Harahap, gave clarification to the Minister of Foreign Affairs (Menlu) Nigeria regarding the incident of the Indonesian Immigration officer with a Nigerian diplomat who shouted ‘I can’t breathe‘. The meeting took place at the Nigerian Foreign Ministry office. “The Indonesian Ambassador to Nigeria has given an […]

In Nigeria, gunmen killed dozens of people – media

Photo: At least 68 people killed in attack in Nigeria Attackers attacked houses in the state of Kaduna at night – at least 68 people were killed, houses and agricultural land were destroyed. In Kaduna State, Nigeria, at least 68 people died overnight in attacks by unknown armed men. About it informs Daily Post […]

Terrorists kill 34 people in DR Congo and Nigeria

Photo: In DR Congo and Nigeria, terrorists killed dozens of people In DR Congo, they said that army units are pursuing militants, while the Nigerian authorities are looking for criminals. In eastern DR Congo, militants from the Alliance of Democratic Forces terrorist group killed at least 17 people, reported Aktuality news portal on Tuesday […]

This Medical Student Surprised The Corpse To Practice Turns His Friend Was Murdered

ABUJA, – A college student medical from Nigeria surprised not playing after realizing corpse the one used for the lecture practice turned out to be his friend who was murdered. The man named Enya Egbe immediately walked out of the anatomy class crying. Egbe, a student at the University of Calabar School of Medicine, […]

How a city of 24 million people is about to disappear because of the climate

Cars and houses submerged in water, residents who walk to their knees while on public transport, and homeowners who are already calculating their losses – this is a common sight in an African city. Welcome to Lagos during the rainy season. Residents of Nigeria, the continent’s most populous country, are accustomed to the annual floods […]