“Servant of the People” took maternity leave

Photo: sluga-narodu.com People’s Deputy was the first among colleagues to take leave of absence under the new law The people’s deputy took a decree for 11 days to “enjoy fatherhood and help his wife take care of her daughter.” People’s Deputy from the Servant of the People Party Pavel Frolov, whose daughter was born two […]

“I always wanted to help children and young people return to the theater”

María Rodríguez dressed for one of her functions. ED Palmera actress and journalist María Rodríguez directs Timaginas Teatro together with Armando Jerez. This company that has been teaching history, art and literature to children from all over the Archipelago for more than ten years. Thanks to the new Family Theater Festival, they will take their […]

British doctor finds unusual way to lower blood sugar

Great Britain, 25 Nov 2020. /LIVE24/. Diabetes mellitus is a complex chronic disease that is accompanied by insulin deficiency. Even in the absence of a diagnosis of this disease, it can be triggered by an increase in blood sugar. That is why his control is a very important aspect, especially if there is a predisposition. […]

The governor of the Saratov region became infected with COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

Valery Radaev (Photo: radaev_v.v / Instagram) Governor of the Saratov Region Valery Radaev has contracted the COVID-19 coronavirus. About this he reported on Instagram. “Dear friends, I considered it necessary to inform you that, unfortunately, the coronavirus infection could not be avoided. I passed the test, which showed a positive result, ”wrote the head of […]

Federmesser was hospitalized with coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti Nute Federmesser, founder of the Vera Hospice Assistance Fund, was taken to an infectious diseases hospital with pneumonia and confirmed coronavirus. About it she reported on your Facebook page. Federmesser fell ill after returning from the Nizhny Novgorod Region, where she was on a business trip as an adviser […]

India bans export of malaria drugs that can help with coronavirus

Ministry of Commerce of India banned (.pdf) export of all drugs based on hydroxychloroquine. These drugs have been used to combat malaria for several decades, but there is now a theory that they can be an effective medicine against COVID-19. There are no clinical studies confirming the effectiveness of such drugs in the fight against […]