Experts have named the best time for coffee

Photo: It is good to drink coffee half an hour after waking up at breakfast. A cup of drink 30 minutes after waking up will help the body wake up and reduce appetite during breakfast. American nutritionists have named the best time to have a cup of coffee. Their recommendations published website She Finds. […]

“Few stir up the debate.” The Czechs discovered a new job benefit

Six out of ten people in our country cannot imagine life without coffee. 88 percent of Czechs drink at least one cup a day, according to a September 2021 survey by the Ipsos Instant Research Agency. More than half of Czechs enjoy coffee right after waking up and during the morning, for almost a third […]

Use of pirated seeds in crops increased 25% and sales reach $ 1 billion a year

The use of pirated seeds in the production and commercialization of various crops in the country increased 25% in the first half of the year, which puts the production of certified seeds in check. According to the manager of the Colombian Association of Seeds and Biotechnology, Acosemillas, Leonardo Ariza, “in Colombia, in some crops, mainly […]

No more doubts: coffee is good for your health

A lot of ink has been spilled on the subject of coffee. That should come as no surprise, given the huge number of coffee lovers worldwide. Some drink the stuff to wake up, others spend hours making the ideal espresso and others just enjoy having a cup of coffee with friends. Through Redactie Online &nbsp- […]

This is the best time to drink coffee for a productive day

In fact, everyone drinks coffee the wrong way. You might drink a cup right away when you’re next to your bed or when you shower and start working. But are you doing this because it’s a habit or because you really need it? When is the best time to drink coffee? Door &nbsp- 22/09/2021 […]

Drinking Black Coffee Can Boost Your Immune, Here’s the Explanation

loading… JAKARTA – Immune A strong body will keep the body healthy even though the threat of the Covid-19 virus is everywhere. That’s why, there are many tips to increase the body’s immune during the current pandemic. From the many suggestions of experts, drink black coffee can be a fun reference, especially for you coffee […]

We will pay extra for coffee! The covid measures in Vietnam are to blame

Due to the deteriorating coronavirus situation, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, where one of the country’s largest ports is located, has been closed for several weeks. That is why it is not possible to export coffee. Vietnam is a major producer of the robusta variety, which is also used in instant coffee. “In addition, exports […]

Five worst fasting habits are named

Photo: You cannot drink tea and coffee on an empty stomach The nutritionist urged not to drink coffee and alcohol on an empty stomach, as well as give up chewing gum and disputes. Indian nutritionist Pooja Mahija has listed five habits that are bad on an empty stomach. The expert’s advice was published by […]

Get to know 5 Caffeine Myths That Are Still Widely Believed – Caffeine is a naturally occurring substance found in the leaves, seeds, and fruit of more than 63 plant species worldwide. Some caffeinated products, including tea, coffee, soft drinks, and energy drinks with higher caffeine content. The caffeine in the drink acts as a stimulant to delay fatigue, which can lead to insomnia in […]

Myths About Caffeine You Shouldn’t Believe

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Caffeinated beverages such as tea, coffee, and some fizzy drinks are enjoyed by the people. There are also drinks with rates caffeine higher are labeled as energy drinks. Increases the risk of heart failure Several large-scale studies have shown caffeine consumption does not increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and has no […]