Labor claims employed persons committed unemployment insurance fraud

The secretary of the Department of Labor and Human Resources (DTRH), Carlos Rivera, reported that fraud cases are not only related to the Pandemic Unemployment Program (PUA), since private employees who have received their salary during the pandemic have applied for unemployment insurance. “There is talk of the PUA but many people are also unemployed. […]

Education will make announcements after the new Executive Order is released

The Secretary of the Department of Education (DE), Eligio Hernández assured that he will abide by what the new Executive Order says about returning to classes in person. “The Department of Education has been emphatic that we are going to be operating tied to executive orders. As the public health situation evolves, and as the […]

New federal proposal leaves out the second round of checks for $ 1,200

Republicans are preparing to propose an economic stimulus package that is smaller than the initial proposal, and that would exclude the sending of a second round of checks for $ 1,200. The middle CNBC He outlined that the new proposal would be only 500 billion. The continuity of proposals by Republicans and Democrats occurs due […]

Pierluisi reports result of new COVID test

The candidate for governor for the New Progressive Party (PNP), Pedro Pierluisi reported that the COVID test was performed again and received a negative result. “Yesterday, for medical recommendations, I repeated the molecular test and the result is negative. We continue to take all preventive measures to avoid contagion inside and outside our campaign team. […]

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González reports she tested positive for COVID

Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González reported that she tested positive for COVID. The official indicated on Facebook Live that her offices, both in Puerto Rico and Washington, will be working remotely. This indicated that on Sunday, during the second part of the primaries, they moved to the committee of the New Progressive Party (PNP). “Today I […]

Hospital workers in Barranquilla declare indefinite unemployment

The health workers of the Metropolitan Hospital of Barranquilla declared themselves on indefinite unemployment In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, hospital workers in Barranquilla declare indefinite unemployment. They denounce that there have been delays in the payment of their wages and their social benefits for months and that they do not even have ARL. […]

Burial of mayor who died of coronavirus was accompanied by hundreds of mourners

He was fired in this town. Burial of the mayor who died from coronavirus was accompanied by hundreds of mourners. The community of the municipality of Repelón, Atlántico, fired its mayor, Eduardo Polo Mendoza, who died due to COVID-19, early this Friday, at the Porto Azul Clinic, in Barranquilla. He had hypertension problems, which worsened […]

Study links blood type with severity of COVID-19

A genetic analysis of patients with COVID-19 published on Wednesday, indicates that the blood group could influence whether someone develops severe symptoms of the disease. The scientists compared the genes of thousands of patients in Europe found that those with type A blood were more likely to develop a serious illness, while those with type […]