World AIDS Day: Increase Resilience to Challenges

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Every year, World AIDS Day commemorated on December 1. This moment is a reminder that HIV-AIDS still one of the main problems health global. In tackling AIDS, the world has actually made significant progress since the late 1990s. However, to date, AIDS is still a major global health problem. Like many […]

A Glimpse of the World Anti-Vaccine Movement

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – The world is waiting for a vaccine Covid-19. In the midst of the waiting and hopes of billions of Earthlings, there was a small group of people watching vaccine is like a threat and is actually against it. They are known as anti-vaccine group or also called anti-vaxxer. Since the Covid-19 […]

5 Things about AstraZeneca and Oxford Vaccines, from Effectiveness to Price Page all – AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford announced the results of a large-scale trial of the vaccine candidate Covid-19 which it is currently developing is 90 percent effective. These results were obtained after months of trials on more than 20,000 volunteers in the UK, Brazil and South Africa. The trial shows vaccine it can […]

These 4 Countries Will Start Covid-19 Vaccination in the Near Future, Which? All pages – A number of candidates vaccine to overcome corona virus recently reported to have shown high effectiveness. For example, vaccine Covid-19 produced by Pfizer and BioNTech and vaccines manufactured by Moderna. Both vaccines are claimed to have an effectiveness level of about 95 percent and have no side effects. With this news, a number […]

Corona Cases Rise in Several Cities in China, Lockdown Back? All pages – Case corona virus back on the rise in some regions China, among others in Shanghai, Tianjin, and Manzhouli. In the latest update, these three regions have reported an increasing trend of infection cases Covid-19 in the last few days. Nonetheless, experts in China assured the public that the experience China had from the […]

When Japan Records More Than 2,000 New Covid-19 Cases for the First Time … Page all – Japan reported more than 2,000 coronavirus case on Wednesday (11/18/2020) for the first time since the outbreak hit the country. Quoted from Japan Times, Wednesday (18/11/2020), experts said that the record could be the third wave of a pandemic in “Sakura Country”. Before Wednesday, the daily case record Coronavirus in Japan reportedly reached […]