Is sneezing a symptom of the Corona virus?

Most of the signs and symptoms of Corona virus are similar to other diseases such as influenza, colds and seasonal allergies, and sneezing, like other symptoms of Corona can be associated with many other medical conditions, according to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (CDC), That if you only suffer from sneezing […]

Mexico begins epidemiological week 50 with 109,717 deaths from COVID

Three states in green As of this Monday, December 7 and until Sunday, December 20, 24 states of the country will operate in orange, three in yellow, three in green and two in red. According to the epidemiological traffic light, the red color means maximum risk of coronavirus; orange, high risk; yellow, medium risk; and […]

NY will resume face-to-face classes despite a rebound in covid

Students returning to classrooms will need to undergo frequent coronavirus tests. Photo: AP MEXICO CITY. New York City will resume face-to-face classes and increase the number of days a week that many children attend school, despite an uptick in coronavirus cases in the city, Mayor Bill reported Sunday. de Blasio. The announcement represents a radical […]

Global Health reveals the various symptoms of infection with the Coronavirus … Infograph

The World Health Organization revealed the various symptoms of suspected cases of coronavirus, and the organization divided the symptoms as follows: Strong symptoms that require immediate care and treatment: 1- Shortness and difficulty breathing 2- Loss of ability to speak or move 3- Chest pain The most common symptoms: 1- High temperature 2- Dry cough. […]

How do you spot a headache caused by corona?

10:00 AM Saturday 14 November 2020 The symptoms of the Corona virus represent the severity of the viral disease attack on the body, and the occasional headache is the least common, but the question is is it different from a regular headache?The main symptoms are a high temperature and a new and continuing cough, with […]

How long do the symptoms of “Corona” infection remain in the human body?

7:00 PM Saturday 14 November 2020 Agencies Some of the symptoms resulting from infection with “Covid-19” can remain for a long time after the patient recovers from this disease. There are symptoms that can help you realize that you have passed the disease in its mild form without subjecting yourself to choosing to detect the […]