Hospital workers in Barranquilla declare indefinite unemployment

The health workers of the Metropolitan Hospital of Barranquilla declared themselves on indefinite unemployment In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, hospital workers in Barranquilla declare indefinite unemployment.

They denounce that there have been delays in the payment of their wages and their social benefits for months and that they do not even have ARL.

“We have a year without social benefits, they also owe us severance payments and severance payments from two years ago. On the other hand, they have not provided us with uniforms or security elements to protect us against the pandemic,” said Rosa Ortíz, a worker at the administrative area, to RCN Radio.

Hospital workers in Barranquilla declare indefinite unemployment

The woman also told the station that despite the serious situation the workers are facing, they have not received any kind of support from the administration of the Metropolitan Hospital of Barranquilla.

The spokesperson also stated that they are aware that a contract was made with EPS Sura, which canceled the money for the hospital, but the workers have not had their months of work canceled.

In the same way, the workers assured that they are working without ARL and that they also feel constantly pressured.

The workers affirmed that they are concerned because their families are economically dependent on their work, for which they requested an urgent response from the Ministry of Health.


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