FAA quickly changes the rules: Dutch student is not an astronaut but a space tourist

In an article on nos.nl let a number of Dutch space experts shine their light on the performance of the Oisterwijker. The question is: can Daemen call himself “the third Dutch astronaut, after Wubbo Ockels and André Kuipers (or the fourth, if you include the Dutch-born American astronaut Lodewijk van den Berg)?” The FAA, which […]

FAA: Pressure Switch Inspections on All Boeing 737s

Boeing 737 users should repeatedly test the switches and replace them if necessary. Manufacturer Boeing, which previously informed customers about the problem, said in a response that it supports the FAA guideline. Failure of the switches can cause the so-called cabin altitude warning system will not activate if the air pressure in the cabin exceeds […]

SAS with Airbus A321 to the US from September

From September 2, SAS will resume flights from Stockholm to New York, in addition to flights from Oslo and Copenhagen to the American metropolis. From October 1, SAS will again fly to Miami from Copenhagen and Stockholm, with Stockholm-Chicago to follow later this fall. The airline will also increase the frequency on various routes to […]

KlasJet suspects foul play around transport of the Belgian football team

Brussels Airlines has been the partner of the Belgian football association KBVB for many years. However, because of the large distances that the Red Devils have to cover during this European Championship, it has been decided to fly with KlasJet, which operates flights with luxury Boeing 737s that only have Business Class seats on board. […]

Binter debuts in Italy | From Turin airport to the Canary Islands

The first connection of the Spanish airline Binter with Italy was inaugurated on Saturday 3 July from Turin airport. The Turin – Gran Canaria route, in fact, gave the official start to the first operations of the company: Binter flight NT9300, coming from Gran Canaria, landed at the Piedmontese airport, welcomed by a celebratory ceremony, […]

Trade Air twice a week from Maastricht to Kosovo

With the connection, Trade Air is targeting passengers with roots in Kosovo and tourists, among other things. “Despite the cautious start of passenger flights, we can still offer our passengers an extra destination from Maastricht Aachen Airport. In addition to Zadar and Barcelona, ​​this is the third new destination this summer,” said Jos Roeven, CEO […]

Dissatisfaction at Lufthansa: staff must sleep in Economy Class

On the A330s and A340s, the crew sleeping places are in a kind of capsule under the cabin floor. By removing that, Lufthansa can take more cargo on longhaul flights. That is a lucrative exercise, since air freight prices are relatively high due to the corona crisis. At the same time, there is still plenty […]

Schiphol alderman calls on The Hague to open Lelystad Airport quickly

Nobel points out the importance for local residents. “Per aircraft that lands and takes off from Lelystad Airport, there are approximately 150 people with serious noise nuisance, and there are more than 100,000 per flight from Schiphol. This will give us a fairer distribution of nuisance.” The number of night flights at Schiphol can also […]

Gaddafi’s Airbus A340 is back in service ten years after his death

Gaddafi flew the aircraft between 2006 and 2011, then in the colors of the national airline Afriqiyah Airways. The Airbus (5A-ONE) had already been delivered to the royal family of Brunei in 1996, and ended up with the Libyan dictator via Saudi Arabia. During the Libyan civil war in 2011, the aircraft fell into the […]

cut several destinations for Greece and national

Editorial board June 21, 2021 9:25 am The covid-19 pandemic continues to revolutionize the planning of flights to European destinations. The airline Lumiwings announced that “flights to the Greek islands have suffered cancellations due to the continuation of anti-covid-19 restrictions that do not allow proper planning due to continuous cancellations”. For Greece, the destinations of […]