They fear that the coronavirus is really getting out of control in the united States

The alarming increases in the number of cases of coronavirus in the south and the west of United States increased fears on Monday that the outbreak is out of control, and that the hard-earned progress against the epidemic is growing out of hands due to the resistance of many americans to use masks and keep distance from others.

Confirming the forecast that lifting the restraints on states could result in a resurgence of the virus, the cases exceeded 100,000 in Florida, hospitalizations are increasing markedly in Houston, and one out of every 5 people that have been applied to screening tests in Arizona are infected.

During the weekend, the corona seemed to be everywhere at the same time: six members of the staff who was helping to organize the rally of president Donald Trump in Tulsa, Oklahoma, were found to be positive, as 23 players of american football of Clemson University in South Carolina. At least 30 members of the team from the University of the State of Louisiana were put in quarantine after becoming infected or coming into contact with someone who was. Some meatpacking plants were also affected by outbreaks.

“It is growing like a snowball. With all certainty we will see more people die due to this rebound,” said dr. Marc Boom, ceo and president of the Methodist Hospital of Houston, who noted that the number of admissions to hospitals by COVID-19 has tripled since the Day of the Fallen in the Wars to more than 1,400 in eight hospital systems in the Houston metropolitan area.

He predicted that, in three weeks, the hospitals may be overwhelmed, and begged the people that cover the face, and maintain social distancing.

“It is possible to reopen a step judicious and coexist with the virus, but it takes millions and millions of people to do the right thing. Now we don’t have that,” because the people have gone down the guard, said Boom.

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Texas is one of several states —along with Arizona, Alabama, Florida and South Carolina— whose governors have been reluctant to implement guidelines at the state level to use masks, leaving the decision to local authorities.

The number of cases of coronavirus newly confirmed around the country by day and has reached more than 26,000, compared to approximately 21,000 two weeks ago, according to an analysis by The Associated Press to data collected by the Johns Hopkins University. More than 120,000 deaths in the united States have been attributed to the virus, the number of dead, highest in the world.

In the state of Georgia, the number of people hospitalized for COVID-19 went up to 1,000, which have been removed by the progress of a month.

Infections are at their highest level since the beginning of the outbreak, nearly two weeks after the state began to lift the restrictions to commercial activities. Governor Brian Kemp has required waiters, barbers and other workers who work face-to-face with clients, to wear masks, but has left largely be companies that will decide if the clients should use face cloths.

In Orlando, 152 cases of coronavirus were linked to a bar near the facilities of the University of Central Florida, said dr. Raul Pino, an official of state health in that city.

“Many infections have occurred there,” said Pine. “The people are very close. The people are not wearing masks. The people are drinking, yelling, dancing, sweating, kissing and hugging, all the things that happen in bars. And all these things that happen are not good for (fighting) COVID-19”.



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