The beauty-mother of Nikolai Baskov blew up the Network with her elegance of the image

Yulia Filatova Elena Baskova herself celebrated her anniversary a week ago. Believe it or not, this charming brunette is 65 years old! Nikolay Baskov. Photo: In a metropolitan restaurant on October 15 Nikolay Baskov celebrated his birthday magnificently. The artist turned 45 years old, and on such a significant occasion he surrounded himself with […]

Asmus gracefully turned to the people with a tough “nut” covered in panties

Olga Kamilova The actress from the movie “Text” let slip that she had already met a new love. Apparently, the star blonde does not even remember about Garik. Christine Asmus. Photo: On one of the fan pages Christina Asmus appeared, her memorable summer photo, as they say “from the chest.” Previously, the star of […]

Kamensky in a silk robe was struck by “rich” forms

Julia Todorovich The singer arranged a sexy dance for the camera. Nastya Kamenskikh. Photo: Nastya Kamenskikh at one time she became famous when she began to sing in a duet with Potap. They put out hit after hit. Fans often suspected that there were strong feelings between colleagues, but only in 2019 did the […]

Buzova was laughed at for strange dances

Yulia Filatova Instagram is still discussing whether the singer knows how to move plasticly. Olga Buzova. Photo: Global Look Press Singer and TV presenter Olga Buzova is preparing to present his new solo concert at the end of the month and promises that it will be something grandiose. Having recently released the third album, the […]

Kamensky in a tight-fitting T-shirt and flared jeans bent beautifully at the door

Yulia Filatova The artist visited the Spanish town of Toledo, which she was delighted with. Nastya Kamenskikh. Photo: Ukrainian pop diva Nastya Kamenskikh and her husband Alexei Potapenko are now on a mini-vacation. The artists spontaneously decided to reboot themselves and flew to Spain. First, Potap and Nastya visited Madrid. Here they walked a […]

Let the envious burst? Chic Makeeva bathed a luxurious down jacket for the fall

Olga Kamilova The actress finds time for herself, for her family, and for creativity. The star’s enthusiasm can only be envied. Anastasia Makeeva. Photo: Anastasia Makeeva faced a wave of hate, announcing her marriage to entrepreneur Roman Malkov. As it turned out, the man was already married and has children. And now the ex-lover […]

Russians travel to Serbia in search of western covid vaccines

When the russian regulators they approved the vaccine against him coronavirus developed in the country was a moment of National proud, and the Pavlov family were among those who rushed to receive the injection. But the authorities of health international they have not yet given their blessing to Sputnik V. That is why when the […]

Nachalova’s daughter grew up and became a beauty

Alexey Zayakin Vera Aldonina turns 15 this year. Julia Nachalova. Photo: The only daughter of the late singer Yulia Nachalova, 14-year-old Vera Aldonina, started her personal Instagram page. It should be noted that the girl turns into a real beauty. Moreover, she has facial features similar to her mother. Especially it is impossible to […]