What is Cremation? This is the explanation of Laura Anna’s funeral process

Suara.com – Celebgram’s corpse Laura Anna undergo cremation at Grand Heaven Pluit Thursday (16/12/2021) after being confirmed dead the day before. In fact what is cremation? Regardless of the news of Laura Anna’s death, in this article we will explain about what is cremation and stages of the process. Cremation is a process cremation. However […]

“Goodbye, Baby!” Delon and Pierre Richard came to say goodbye to Belmond

The farewell to Jean-Paul Belmond did not end with Thursday’s state-honored ceremony. A funeral service was held in the Saint-Germain-des-PrĂ©s church in central Paris from 11 a.m., which was even attended by the actor’s longtime famous friend Alain Delon (85). Later, cremation will take place at the same place, this time only in the presence […]

9-Year-Old Girl Raped Massively and Forced Cremation Triggers Big Demo in India

loading… NEW DELHI – A big demo takes place on the streets of New Delhi, India , since a few days ago. The outrage came after a nine-year-old girl was gang-raped, murdered, and her body forcibly cremated. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets, holding banners reading “give justice to the little girl”. The protesters […]

India’s Lowest Caste Girl Raped Massively, Murdered, and Forced Cremation

loading… NEW DELHI – A nine year old girl from the lowest caste in India , a Dalit, have been raped, murdered and forcibly cremated in the capital New Delhi. The girl’s family demands justice for their only daughter. The horrific incident sparked a fourth day of protests in the city on Wednesday (4/8). It […]

Burning corpse in Tangerang due to application affair

Jakarta – The mystery behind the burning commotion of the corpse of SZ (19) in Cisauk, Tangerang was revealed. The murder was motivated by a rejected application. Previously, SZ’s body was found in a garden on Friday (9/7) morning. The location is relatively quiet and far from residential areas. At that time, the South Tangerang […]

India is hit by COVID-19, shattering a record of more than 4,000 deaths a day

Jakarta – India set a new record 4,187 deaths a day from the storm COVID-19, Saturday (8/5/2021). This figure brings the total death toll to 238,270 since the pandemic began. On the same day, there were an additional 401,078 new cases, bringing the total confirmed so far to 21.9 million. With this figure, India is […]

Dead bodies in India, parking lots become cremations

Jakarta – Wave the COVID-19 tsunami in India getting worse. The addition of daily cases continues to set consecutive world records, with the latest data recording 346,786 new COVID-19 patients on Saturday (24/4/2021). The death toll could reach 2,624 people a day. It is predicted that in the capital city of Delhi alone one person […]