Introducing the “Double” Concept, Alibaba Launches 11.11 Shopping Festival

JAKARTA, – Alibaba Group Holding Limited launches the Festival Shopping Global ” 11.11“, in China, Tuesday (20/10/2020). The “11.11” festival introduces new innovations and features to meet customer needs as shopping trends change. In this festival, Alibaba Group Holding Limited bring participation platform digital lifestyle Alipay, storefront shopping ‚Äúdouble“Which can shade a lot more […]

Don’t Delay Child Immunization During the Covid-19 Pandemic

loading… JAKARTA – Parents are naturally worried about joining the program immunization the basic child of the government when the Covid-19 pandemic was not over. Because this virus is very contagious and children are in the vulnerable category of contracting this virus. The number of positive cases is also increasing day by day, but the […]

New World Daily Covid-19 Case Records, 400,000 in a Day – Increased cases corona virus daily around the world set a new record. Reported Reuters, Sunday (18/10/2020), as many as 400,000 new cases were positive Covid-19 in the world recorded in a day. Increased cases corona virus it happened as many European states imposed new restrictions due to an increase in cases. Europe, which […]

Transition season, Beware of Dengue Fever with Fogging and Education

Jakarta: Entering the Pancaroba season, the mosquito population has increased dramatically. This phenomenon is usually followed by the emergence of various diseases such as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF), Zika, Malaria, Chikungunya, and others. Especially with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, of course everyone wants to stay healthy and avoid the risk of contracting other diseases, especially […]

How Can Antibodies Help Covid-19 Attack Cells?

A new study in China suggests antibodies can actually worsen Covid-19 patients. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, HONGKONG – Researchers are urging drug makers to examine whether a vaccine is Covid-19 can experimentally cause the immune system to produce antibody high risk known as 7F3. The antibodies are thought to actually help corona virus attack cells in some cases. […]

Update: List of 53 Areas with the Status of the Covid-19 Red Zone in Indonesia – The Indonesian government again announced 4,127 new Covid-19 cases that occurred since Tuesday (10/13/2020) at 12.00 WIB until Wednesday (10/14/2020) afternoon. Thus, the total number of cases corona virus which have been confirmed in Indonesia to a total of 344,749. The number of recovered patients also increased by 4,555, bringing the total to […]

US Records First Reinfection Case, How Are The News of Covid-19 Vaccine?

It is feared that the case of reinfection will make the Covid-19 vaccine insufficient to protect. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON – The United States reported the first case finding reinfeksi aka recurring infections Covid-19 to its citizens. The case of a man who was twice infected with Covid-19 shows that there is still much to learn about […]

For safety reasons, Eli Lilly temporarily stops testing Covid-19 antibody drugs – United States (US) drug company Eli Lilly and Co is temporarily suspending government-funded clinical trials for Covid-19 antibody drug for security reasons. Launch Reuters, Wednesday (14/10/2020), temporary suspension is not uncommon in a drug trial. The decision is said to not always indicate a serious problem. Also read: Is Covid-19 Vaccine Ready in […]

Tips for Preventing Covid-19 for People with Congenital Sickness

People with comorbidities when infected with Covid-19 can aggravate the pain they suffer. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SLEMAN – A specialist in internal medicine at UGM RSA, dr Agit Sena Setiadi said, people with comorbids or comorbidities are susceptible to infection with the new corona virus that causes Covid-19. Therefore, prevention is important. “A person with comorbids is […]