France Plans to Rein in Chinese Electric Car Dominance with Eco Subsidy Revisions

In the last few years, a number of Chinese automakers have made their way to Europe, primarily with electric models. They can offer these significantly cheaper than the European competition, and with the ecological bonus provided by many European countries, this advantage has become even more pronounced. However, the frontal Chinese attack does not go […]

Electric Motorbike Subsidy, Observer: RI is not only Jakarta, learning from Asmat

Jakarta – The electric vehicle subsidy which became effective on March 20 2023 received criticism from Transportation Observer, Djoko Setijowarno. According to him, government assistance is better for improving public transportation, while direct subsidies for electric motorbikes are recommended for areas that have difficulty getting fuel. Djoko Setijowarno, Head of Advocacy and Community Affairs for […]

Terms of Buying a Gesits Motorbike at a subsidized discount price of IDR 7 million

Jakarta – Gesits is one of the electric motorbikes that has received government assistance. But not all people can get Gesits electric motorbikes at subsidized prices. What are the conditions that must be brought to the dealer? Main Director of WIMA, Bernardi Djumiril, said that the government assistance was beneficial for both producers and consumers. […]

Mynář’s company filed a cassation complaint in the subsidy case – Novinky

The Olomouc branch of the Ostrava Regional Court recently overturned the decision of the Ministry of Finance, according to which Clever Management does not have to return the six million EU subsidy. The ministry will probably deal with the case again. The original decision was issued by the ministry when it was headed by Alena […]