Burial of mayor who died of coronavirus was accompanied by hundreds of mourners

He was fired in this town. Burial of the mayor who died from coronavirus was accompanied by hundreds of mourners.

The community of the municipality of Repelón, Atlántico, fired its mayor, Eduardo Polo Mendoza, who died due to COVID-19, early this Friday, at the Porto Azul Clinic, in Barranquilla.

He had hypertension problems, which worsened with the contagion.

The funeral procession was led by a caravan and an Army patrol, police patrols and other members of the public force in this municipality.

In the video shared by the Impacto News portal, dozens of motorcyclists and inhabitants of this municipality, in the south of the Atlantic, fired the president.

The mayor was in a period of suspension and expected to return upon completion of a sanction issued by the Attorney General’s Office for handling the pandemic.

At the funeral, the hymns of Colombia and the Atlantic sounded when the procession’s journey passed through the headquarters of the Repelón municipal mayor’s office.

His death has generated great consternation among the grieving population.


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