Closed management of new family clusters in Beijing Daxing

Original title: Beijing Daxing New Family Cluster Cases Closed Management of Related Communities Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, January 19 (Reporters Wei Mengjia and Wang Yangang) The reporter learned at a press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronavirus pneumonia in Beijing on the 19th that on the 18th, Beijing has added 1 […]

closes for five days

The carabinieri of the Nichelino tenenza closed the Smart gym in via XXV Aprile for five days because on Friday 8 January 2021, during a check, they surprised you inside, intent on training, 14 people plus the owner. For activities of this kind, at this moment, the closure with the yellow zone is also foreseen, […]

Spain. Historic snowfall, Madrid airport closed

Heavy snowfall, of a magnitude unheard of for 50 years in Madrid, which had to close its airport, continued to fall on Friday evening over a large part of spain, disrupting traffic on nearly 400 roads. According to the meteorological agency AEMET, which has placed the center of the country including the capital Madrid on […]

Schools and daycare centers in Düsseldorf are planning for the second lockdown

January 8, 2021 at 7:15 am Paid content: Educational institutions remain closed : Schools and daycare centers in Düsseldorf are planning for the second lockdown <!– <!– <!– A schoolboy solves his schoolwork at home on the laptop (symbolic picture). Photo: dpa / Ulrich Perrey Düsseldorf Schools and daycare centers will be closed until the […]

Game “Minecraft Earth” will be suspended in June 2021 due to Coronavirus – As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic that never ends, Microsoft decided to close one of his game services, namely Minecraft Earth next June. Through a written statement, Microsoft admitted that they were forced to make this decision because of the difficulty in presenting game content. “Game will be official closed and removed […]

Anti-mask protest escalates in Los Angeles

Anti-mask protesters at a shopping mall and grocery store in Los Angeles, Calif., Attacked employees and customers. On videos posted on Twitter, we can see people who do not wear face coverings and chant “to beat the masks”, reports Buzzfeed News. Today, a group of anti-maskers protested at Ralph’s and the Century City shopping mall. […]

Near Le Havre, at the Dumesnil farm, local products available at all hours

One hundred and fifty-one boxes where you can find dairy products, including the famous cheeses from Ferme Dumesnil in Saint-Vincent-Cramesnil, canned food and ready-made meals, as well as cookies and some homemade cakes. And, wishing to promote the know-how of her colleagues, the distributor that Corinne Dumesnil has set up since Saturday, December 5 allows […]

Coronavirus. Japan closes its doors to foreigners for a month

The Japan announced this Saturday, December 23 that it would temporarily close its borders to foreigners not residing in the country after the detection on its territory of a variant of coronavirus potentially very contagious. The ban will take effect on December 28 and run until the end of January, the Japanese government said in […]