Chairul Tanjung Bertumbang’s Transmart Retail Outlet

Thursday, 2 February 2023 – 17:08 WIB VIVA – Octopus business owned by the entrepreneur Chairul Tanjungthat is ok PT Trans Retail Indonesia hypermarket or Transmartlooks deserted visitors until the product sold is empty. Rumors circulated that the retail business would also be closed in several places. One of the Transmart outlets that was empty […]

Aid decree bis, in the Senate agreement on the superbonus – Economy

Go ahead with “unanimous vote” of the Budget and Finance committees of the Senate al aid decree biswhich also contains the changes to the Superbonus. This was announced at the start of the works in the Palazzo Madama classroom one of the two speakers of the provision, the president of the Finance Commission Luciano D’Alfonso […]

When the cinema sees teenagers increase up

Hypersensitivity, maladjustment to the university technique, obtaining a position in the family members, imposing one’s flavor for art when they want you to take care of the boilers … Of training course, administrators James Gray and Jesse Eisenberg have a couple items to settle with their adolescence. With this fragile passage of daily life, exactly […]

No visa for tennis star

Die Lettin Jelizaweta Polstjanaja According to her own statements, she is not allowed to compete for the selection of her home country at the World Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Sofia because she also has Russian citizenship. This is reported by the Russian news agency TASS. The Latvian Olympic Committee gave the 19-year-old, who until recently […]

Bac 2022: what is mandatory, authorized and prohibited in the exam room

Cellphone on and connected watch Any object that communicates with the outside is prohibited, both mobile phones and connected watches, for the written and oral tests. Laptops must be turned off, put away in the candidate’s bag or handed over to room supervisors. All academies are equipped with cell phone detectors. Talk to your neighbor […]

How breathing exercises can help against college stress

There is strength in stillness: Meditation can be a way to cope with the pressure to learn. Photo: Mauritius – Scientists at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences have initiated a research project that aims to help people cope better with stress through meditation and perception exercises. An approach that other universities are also pursuing. – […]

Chelsea already has the OK to sign

Movements are expected at Sevilla and every week can be crucial. In this one that enters the focus is on the Chelsea and the offensive that promises for Jules Kounde. The player awaits concentrated events with the French national team, while the London club officially announced yesterday Saturday that it already has the final ok […]