Germs Released from Mt. Everest’s Sneezes Persist for Centuries

Jakarta – Scientists reveal germs sneezing climbers can actually last longer Everest Mountain up to hundreds of years. How could that be? Reported by detikINET from the New York Post, Friday (17/3/2023), a team of scientists examined soil samples taken from Mount Everest. As it turns out, human coughs and sneezes were preserved on Mount […]

The Dangers of Sharing Bar Soap for Hand Washing

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Research in Indian Journal of Dental Research in June 2006 revealed bar soap contain two to five different types of germs. A July 2015 study in American Journal of Infection Control found that around 62 percent of bar soap was contaminated while liquid soap was around 3 percent. Some germs are in […]

‘Deadly’ Germs Killed 1.2 Million Humans in 2019

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Without realizing it, in 2019 there were a number of types of germs that were resistant to antibiotics that had killed 1.2 million people on earth. These super germs are one of several types of deadly diseases that have ever existed in the world. Based on a research article published in […]

Scientists have discovered bacteria that eat a nail in three days

Photo: A nail and a screw in a jar of metal-eating bacteria – – Microorganisms that feed on metals can help combat industrial pollution. Chilean biotechnologist Nadak Reales has found a way to deal with mining waste by discovering bacteria that can eat a nail in three days. This is reported by the site […]

8 things in the house that need to be cleaned as often as possible

Philip Tierno Jr. Ph.D., a clinical professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University School of Medicine, says people tend to neglect to clean stoves. Though splashes or spills of food that are not cleaned immediately can be a microbial growth. Then, Melissa Maker, a cleaning expert, revealed that she believes that stoves should […]

Here are 7 Habits that Can Reduce the Benefits of Using a Hand Sanitizer

SINARJATENG.COM – Using a hand sanitizer or cleaning fluid correctly can help prevent the spread of infection virus COVID-19. However, the wrong use makes benefits from hand sanitizer not optimal. Here are some mistakes when using hand sanitizer thus making it ineffective at preventing virus, including COVID-19, as reported by Livestrong, Sunday: Also Read: Supporting […]

Wash your hands with soap or hand sanitizer, which is better?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – during the outbreak corona virus crash, campaign #cucitangan continues to be echoed by governments, health workers, and everyone else. Not only that, hand sanitizer Many are placed in various corners of the room to keep hands clean. The hope is that the corona virus does not stick in people’s hands so that […]

New approaches to cancer and resistant germs – naturopathy & naturopathic specialist portal

Antibacterial effects and potential areas of application of plasma treatment Plasma medicine includes new types of treatment that can be used, for example, to treat cancer, resistant bacteria or to heal chronic wounds. An international research team recently developed a unique process to generate plasma directly in liquids. As a result, plasma medicine is taking […]