At school from 5.IX., but with longer vacations in winter and spring

The debate on when to ring the first bell is imminent. PHOTO: YORDAN SIMEONOV Parents, however, difficult they would give up from the cheap sea in the first 15 days of the month As early as 2022, the beginning of the school year can be moved to September 5, and students can get longer vacations […]

US persuades to increase oil production – Russian Foreign Ministry

Фото: Getty Images Sale of oil from reserves did not stop the rise in prices Washington has long called for an increase in oil production to lower prices, but OPEC has refused. In Russia, they say that the United States is persuading a number of countries to increase oil production in order to lower prices […]

A number of automakers will stop producing gasoline cars

Photo: Unsplash According to the results of the climate summit, six auto companies will abandon gasoline cars by 2040 Many global automakers have decided not to abandon gasoline cars because of the high cost of modernization of production. At the Glasgow Climate Change Conference, six automakers have pledged to phase out gasoline-powered cars by 2040. […]

The hermit explains why he has been living alone for 40 years

The man is sure that everyone dreams of such a life, but they are afraid to give up the comforts of civilization. British hermit Ken Smith lived alone for about 40 years. Now he told why he decided to isolate himself from people. Writes about it Daily Mail. He lived in Scotland on the shores […]

Woke up with bat biting his neck, US man dies of Rabies – A man in Illinois, United States, who woke up with a bat biting his neck died one month later of rabies. He died after refusing to receive a vaccine to prevent the deadly disease. The man, who is in his 80s, refused to be vaccinated after being bitten by a bat in mid-August. […]

Five worst fasting habits are named

Photo: You cannot drink tea and coffee on an empty stomach The nutritionist urged not to drink coffee and alcohol on an empty stomach, as well as give up chewing gum and disputes. Indian nutritionist Pooja Mahija has listed five habits that are bad on an empty stomach. The expert’s advice was published by […]

Migrants who arrived via Belarus riot in Lithuania

In Lithuania, migrants from Belarus staged a riot in the camp In the refugee camp, people refuse to accept food or negotiate, but only demand to be released. In Lithuania, illegal migrants who arrived from Belarus staged a riot in one of the schools, which was turned into a refugee camp. About it informs […]