Police Arrest Perpetrators of Robbery of Ojek Drivers in Tangerang

Tangerang – A craftsman taxibike with the initial S, became a victim of robbery in Tangerang. Most recently, the police have arrested one perpetrator who is suspected of killing S. “The perpetrator has been arrested. The perpetrator is 1 person,” said the Head of the Pagerangan Police, AKP Seala Syah Alam, when confirmed detikcomSunday (22/1/2023). […]

About to open, Serpong Gacoan Noodles sealed again by Satpol PP

Jakarta – Satpol PP has re-sealed Mie Gacoan outlet on Jalan Raya Puspiptek Raya, Serpong, South Tangerang (Tangsel) for the second time. This was done because Mie Gacoan Serpong damaged the previous seal and was still having licensing issues. “Yes (because of the licence) and the destruction of our first seal,” Satpol PP’s head of […]

Extreme weather, Tangerang Beware of dengue cases

Up until now there has been an increase in dengue cases, although not a significant increase. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TANGERANG – Municipal government Tangerang he urged people to be more aware of the disease hemorrhagic fever dengue (DHF). This is what happened extreme weather or heavy rain currently in the region. Tangerang city health bureau chief Dini […]

DHF cases rise in rainy season, Tangerang health service urges public to be alert

TIME.CO, Tangerang – The Tangerang city health bureau has asked the public to be aware of the increase in cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF).dbd extension). The number of cases of the disease increases again during the rainy season. Head of the Municipal Health Service Tangerang Dr. Dini Anggraeni asked the public to keep the […]

Sri Lankans are horrified to learn from the internet before killing women in Tangerang

Jakarta – A foreign national (foreigner) of Sri Lanka, RSH, was one of the authors homocide women with butterfly tattoos in Tangerang. Horrified, RSH had learned how to trap someone to death from the Internet. Kapolres Metro Tangerang City Kombes Zain Dwi Nugroho said that this was known from the results of checking Internet browsing […]