Investors guess the Fed – Finance – Kommersant

Although the last autumn month pleased private investors in the collective investment market, the income was significantly lower than in the previous month. The best momentum was shown by funds focused on foreign assets, which rose against the backdrop of diminishing fears of a further rate hike by the Fed. Funds focused on precious metals […]

Will iPhone use USB-C next year? – Apple has confirmed that it will change the iPhone connector, from the previous Lightning, to the USB-C type. Apple’s confirmation follows a new European Union policy that requires electronic devices to use USB-C. “We had to adapt, we had no choice,” Apple chief marketing officer Greg Joswiak told Joanna Stern. The Wall Street […]

The founder of Pink Floyd writes an open letter to Putin

Photo: Roger Waters wrote a letter to Putin – – Roger Waters urged Putin to end the war. Previously, the musician blamed the US and NATO for the invasion. Pink Floyd musician and co-founder Roger Waters wrote an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin urging him to end the war in Ukraine. He […]

Peskov answered the question about the military situation in the Russian Federation

Photo: kremlin-ru Peskov also said they would not announce the mobilization – – Earlier, the media reported that Russian authorities are discussing the possibility of introducing martial law in the country. “No decision has yet been made to introduce martial law in any region,” he said. Peskov also added that so far there are no […]

Russia intends to connect with an urgent conference of the UN Safety Council

Picture: United Nations Stability Council – – Previously, Russian media documented that Russia was urgently convening the Security Council on the scenario about the ZNPP “in relationship with continuing Ukrainian provocations” and questioned UN Secretary Typical António Guterres to communicate on the make a difference. The Russian Federation intends to convene an urgent conference […]

The Pentagon responded to Putin’s statement to provide nuclear missiles to Belarus

Photo: AR The Pentagon reacted to Putin’s statement – – Earlier, Putin said that Russia would transfer Iskander-M to Belarus in the coming months, which can use nuclear missiles. The Pentagon called “arrogant” the statement of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the provision of missiles to Belarus that are capable of carrying a nuclear charge. […]

China ready to take back Taiwan by military means: ambassador

China ready to fight for Taiwan – – Earlier, dozens of Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense zone. China is ready to fight for Taiwan. Chinese Ambassador to France Liu Shai China said that Beijing is ready to return Taiwan, including by military means. He said this on air. Black Book. “We will return Taiwan […]