Therefore, Apple is trying to stop page loading by all means

Apple has now released a report that points out the risks of so-called side loading. IN the report the risks to the mobile ecosystem appear if side loading is allowed. According to Apple, the threats have been exacerbated by increased reliance on mobile devices, which are driven by the corona pandemic. The reason for Apple’s […]

Nintendo? Sony? No – it is Apple that earns the most at stake

The Wall Street Journal has taken a closer look at the documents that were published in connection with the high-profile lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple that ended recently. An interesting detail is that Apple earned $ 8.5 billion on games in 2019, which is $ 2 billion more than what Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony and […]

Apparently, Apple Threatens to Remove Facebook from the App Store – Apple threatened to remove Facebook from the application list App Store. This is because Apple discovered human trafficking being spread on Instagram. This Apple threat is revealed in Facebook’s reported internal files Wall Street Journal. The document also reveals that many teens are frustrated by Instagram because of their appearance. Also Read: Whoops! […]

Discussion: They are liars, hard f Epic. Get on the zazen from Apple Nevrt

An EPIC fan, of course, would follow his dreams, on his eventual hurry everyone, except Apple. And I agree that the distribution fees of 30% are nekesansk. EPIC has developed a discussion about the value of this fee across platforms, which promotes a 12% increase. Apple does not give up its income voluntarily, so the […]

They are lhi, hard f Epic. Get on the zazen from Apple Nevrt

The court’s decision in the dispute between Epic Games and Apple over the fees from the profits from the game hit Fortnite was indeed an Alamoun d, ct, that it saddened both parties. The giant with a delicious apple in the logo, especially the number of its impacts stronger, when it will have to allow […]

Castlevania comes to titillate action freaks on Apple Arcade

Atmosphere saps and whip today in Apple Arcade with the arrival with great fanfare of Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls ! This action-adventure game obviously takes place in the gothic universe inspired by the myth of Dracula, well known to players (the universe, not Dracula. Although). Konami first launched the game as a free-to-play in Canada […]

Spotify happy with Apple vs. The Epic verdict – but wants to see new laws

During Friday the verdict fell between Apple and Epic, where the court ruled in Apple’s favor in nine out of ten cases. Despite that, Spotify says it has very critical of Apple and its App Store, be satisfied with the judgment. Spotify’s Head of Global Affairs and Chief Legal Officer, Horacio Gutierrez, say they are […]

Apple Threatened to Lose Billions of Dollars, JAKARTA – Apple Inc. asked to change the App Store business model that has been built since 2008. This is likely to cost Apple billions of dollars in revenue potential each year. In a ruling on Friday, US District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers said the company should give developers the option to use another […]

The verdict has been handed down in the lawsuit between Apple and Epic

Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers at the Federal District Court in Northern California has now ruled in the high-profile case between Apple and Epic Games, reports Appleinsider. Apple has no monopoly and therefore does not violate federal competition law, but locking into its own payment system violates California’s competition law. The company is therefore required not […]