Don’t update Snapchat, the app crashes on iOS [ayé corrigé 🆕]

Snapchat is a blast: the update released today for the iOS application simply crashes. Illustration with this video shot by Théo (thanks to him): A fix is in the pipes of the social network, and given its importance to many iPhone users, this fix should not be long. In the meantime, don’t update the […]

Adobe: end of game for Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix

Adobe will withdraw two of its completely forgotten applications, including the publisher who has not updated them for a long time. Photoshop Mix and Photoshop Fix will retire on June 21, according to the FAQs for both apps (here and was). These applications reflect a time when Adobe did not really know how to take […]

WhatsApp: more ephemeral content and an iPad version soon possible

New functions related to privacy and the possibility of an iPad version were on the menu a discussion between the manager of the WABetaInfo site, the boss of WhatsApp Will Cathcart and his own boss Mark Zuckerberg. Specialized in the discovery of functions still hidden or in beta in WhatsApp, WABetaInfo was able to be […]

Easy Transfers on the App Store

FreeYourMusic transfers your music between Spotify, Tidal, Amazon Music, Youtube, Pandora, Apple Music and other music services. FreeYourMusic is THE EASIEST WAY TO TRANSFER YOUR PLAYLISTS from one stream to another. Move all your songs, playlists and albums between different music services and save up to 10 hours! “FreeYourMusic helps you make your music playlists […]

Apple promises podcast app improvements, postpones subscription launch

It will take a few more weeks to take advantage of Apple Podcast Subscriptions. The manufacturer has spread the word to the creators of its podcast platform: subscriptions will finally be available in June. Originally, this service was supposed to start in May, but since we are already at the very end of the month […]

Snapchat: Happy to pay a 30 percent commission to Apple

Not all IT giants face the legal dispute between Epic Games and Apple over the App Store against the iPhone group. Snapchat, among the most popular social media offers in the top 5 in many countries, has now been explicitly praised by Apple. Its CEO, Evan Spiegel from the parent company Snap, said in an […]

Index – Tech-Science – Revealed how much Apple mowed on Fortnite

The Apple kontra Epic perből it turned out that Apple earned at least $ 100 million in commission from the popular Fortnite game. That amount was earned by Apple during its two-and-a-half-year operation of the Epic game in the App Store, according to an ongoing antitrust lawsuit. Michael Schmid, one of Apple’s executives overseeing the […]

Story Studio, le futur Clips de Snap

Snap didn’t do that present his new glasses of augmented reality today. In fact, the publisher of Snapchat announced so many new features during its Partner Summit that it would be pointless to repeat them all here, but we can stop here on Story Studio, a future iOS application. This free app is a vertical […]

Apple Cancels Potential Fraudulent Transactions

Jakarta: Apple announced that the expertise of its corporate team, combined with advanced technology during 2020, will enable it to thwart a total $ 1.5 billion (IDR 21.5 trillion) fraudulent transaction on the App Store. Apple claims that the successful thwarted transaction has the potential to deceive, steal money, information and user time. In addition […]