Will PS Now and PS Plus merge into one subscription?

Gift cards PlayStation Now are being withdrawn from retail sales in the United Kingdom and the United States. Sony was to begin the process of a complete overhaul of PS Now. The result should be merging PS Now and PS Plus into one servicethat will work worldwide. It’s supposed to be a competition for Microsoft’s […]

Microsoft Stops Production of Xbox One Console

Jakarta – Typically as consoles transition from one generation to another, companies will continue to make and sell the previous generation console for a period of time for gamers who may or may not want to buy a new console. However, this does not apply to consoles Xbox One, where Microsoft is confirmed to have […]

An era is coming to an end in the game console market!

Due to the problems experienced in console production due to the chip crisis in China, the US company decided to focus entirely on the production of the new generation Series X and Series S consoles. After releasing the new series of XBOZ Series X consoles, Microsoft completely stopped the production of old XBOX One consoles. […]

Microsoft has stopped production of all Xbox One game consoles

Before the end of last year, the American company Microsoft stopped the production of all Xbox One game consoles in order to focus on the production of the new generation Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles. The server informed about it The Verge, which refers to a statement from one of the company’s […]

Lack of Playstation 5 – Then Sony produces more Playstation 4

Due to the global component shortage, there is currently a shortage of new game consoles. Among other things, Sony’s Playstation 5, which has been difficult to get hold of since it was released in November 2020. As a result, Sony will now decide to continue manufacturing its old Playstation 4 console throughout 2022, reports Bloomberg. […]

brighter and more colorful than Oled? The proof in numbers

Last week, we shared with you the first feedback from journalists about QD Oled technology after a presentation by its inventor, Samsung Display. Today, back to the figures measured with strong photos taken from the presentation of the manufacturer made by our correspondent. As a reminder, we had published the information gathered orally from several […]

Days Gone creator tells what a sequel would have looked like | News

Sony rumored to have dropped the proposal for a sequel Written by Michel Musters on Tuesday 11 January 2022 15:09 Jeff Ross, the director of Days Gone, has spoken out about what a possible sequel to the game would have entailed. Ross did that in a interview met USA Today. According to him, a sequel […]