15 Thousand Years Old Virus Hidden in Tibet

Jakarta – Horror films often depict ancient creatures emerging from cold storage in melting ice sheets. This story is almost similar to the findings ancient virus hiding the melting Tibetan glaciers. Quoted from Science Alert, Wednesday (21/7/2021) the melting of this ice raised a number of concerns about the ancient virus that is back to […]

Archaeologists Find Ancient City of 3,000 Year Old Pharaohs in Egypt

KOMPAS.com – In order to archaeologist on Saturday (10/4/2021) showcased their findings in the form of a city ancient largest ever found on Egypt. The city is known to have originated in the golden age pharaoh and is about 3,000 years ago. Also read: Archaeologists uncover 500 ancient objects, 3,000 years old that explain the […]

The Valladolid Old and Occasion Book Fair, the best plan even for Easter

A year ago, one of the first cultural events suspended by the pandemic was the Valladolid Old and Used Book Fair, which this time returns in its twenty-eighth edition «with a lot of hope and with all the security measures possible, with limited capacity, access controls and hydrogels in all the bookstores present “, explains […]

Download STL file Colt 1911 grips celtic cross • Model for 3D printer ・ Cults

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The residents of Crédito claim that their street is safe for pedestrians

The residents of Credito Street have endorsed with 45 signatures that surface parking on this road, regular and irregular, be abolished, and bollards are placed to protect the sidewalks so that they have accessible and safe routes for pedestrians. The request also affects Local Police cars, whose patrol cars park daily on a continuous yellow […]

The Old Book Fair resists in Valencia

Yesterday was not the best day to inaugurate the Old book faire and meantime but the set booksellers even defied the rain to reopen the doors of a contest that, despite the current health situation, has decided to return to the Gran Vía Marqués del Turia in Valencia and exhibit old copies, facsimiles, comics, games […]

NASA believes the lake in Turkey holds clues to ancient alien life on Mars

Sooperboy.com – The United States Aeronautics and Space Administration or NASA said the secrets of ancient alien life on Mars can be found in a lake in Turkey. Scientists believe the minerals and rock deposits in Lake Salda, in the south of the country, could hold important clues. According to The Daily Star, Wednesday, March […]

Joseph Wimille, the living memory of the former BMI

Tilliette, BMI, Carnaud Metalbox and finally Crown Emballages. During his career, Joseph Wimille has seen his company change its name on numerous occasions. However, he remained faithful to him for nearly forty years, before retiring, a little forced, in June 1996. The Boulonnais has not yet finished with his past as a supervisor: ” From […]