The CNMC conditions the sale of Red Eléctrica’s fiber optics | Companies

The CNMC tries to solve a major summer snake. The agency clarifies if it has veto power in the process that Red Eléctrica has initiated to divest itself of up to 49% of its fiber optic network, grouped in the Reintel subsidiary, according to financial sources. The process, which valued the company at 1,200 million […]

New training cycle for entrepreneurs “Impulsa con Facebook”

The Ministry of Productive Development Y Facebook They presented a new training cycle aimed at female and male entrepreneurs from all over the country who wish to promote and develop their businesses. These trainings are focused on providing tools, advice and recommendations for startups and companies in the use of different platforms to improve their […]

Copa América: Argentina – Ecuador, in the public media

Argentina faces Ecuador for the quarterfinals of the Copa América and the public media they will be alongside the men’s national team in the dream of moving forward. On Public Television, the transmission will begin at 20.00, with Sergio Goycochea, Ángela Lerena and Miguel Tití Fernández opening the preview. The party will have stories of […]

Scientists neutralize coronavirus with nanotraps

Photo: Nanotraps are injected into the body by inhalation At the moment, the tests have been successful in rodents and macaques. The next step is their experiments with the human body. Researchers from the University of North Carolina neutralized COVID-19 using special nanotraps. It is reported by It is noted that the mechanism […]

Italian study: Antibodies in COVID survivors remain for 9-10 months

Antibodies produced in the body of people infected with COVID-19 remain for 9-10 months. PHOTO: Pixabay Antibodies produced in the body of people infected with COVID-19 remain for 9-10 months. So says an Italian study of the University of Padua and London’s Imperial College under the direction of Prof. Andrea Chrysanti. The study was performed […]

The doctor named the amount of vitamin D for a person to take after winter

Today, 11:10 | author: Marat Kudeev | Photo Vitamin D deficiency leads to a feeling of fatigue and lethargy, as it regulates the amount of calcium and phosphorus in the body, and is also important for bones and muscles. This is reported by the British Medical Journal with reference to nutritionist and author of […]

Doctors have named 4 sure signs that you are not getting enough vitamin D

Yesterday, 11:45 | author: Ivan Egorov | Photo Few people know, but the global vitamin D deficiency in the body of modern people has become a real non-infectious pandemic of the 21st century. Moreover, this problem is pronounced in those countries where sunny weather is rare. Recall that vitamin D is usually called “solar”, […]

The deficiency of vitamin B12 in the human body is signaled by three skin symptoms

Today, 12:25 | author: Maria Solovieva | Photo You can suspect a deficiency of vitamin B12 in the body by skin changes, according to doctors from the American Academy of Family Physicians. They named three characteristics, according to Express. Experts focus on the fact that vitamin B12 is involved in the synthesis of DNA, […]

Safe Summer: Prefecture ruined a clandestine party in Rosario

This weekend, within the framework of the Safe Summer Operation, the Argentine Naval Prefecture disrupted a clandestine party that was taking place on the coasts of Rosario, aboard several boats, which were glued to each other. During the procedure, the members of the force hijacked two boats and notified fourteen people for failing to comply […]