Washington state spends money itself

Washington Governeur Jay Inslee Nearly 100,000 independent contractors, temporary workers and self-employed would be paid $ 550 per person over the coming week. (Photo: AP) Washington Because of the blockade of the Corona aid package, the US state of Washington is stepping into the breach with support payments to those in need. Nearly 100,000 independent […]

Frederic, Lammens and Meoni launched Operation Safe Summer 2021 in Entre Ríos

The Security operation will run until February 28 and its central axes will be focused on caring for the population on roads and tourist destinations, as well as crime prevention and mitigation. “This is the closing of a special year, which had a virtue: having worked together. We met working and solving problems that we […]

Airbnb and New York agree in legal dispute over user data

Airbnb With the agreement, an important hurdle for the planned IPO falls. (Photo: dpa) New York The city of New York and the apartment broker Airbnb have reached a settlement in their protracted legal battle over the disclosure of user data. The compromise provides that Airbnb will in future give the authorities a quarterly insight, […]

The strange case of the António Costa government | Opinion

The case has animated public debates and bad language. António Costa, Prime Minister, asked the António Costa Silva, teacher and manager, that helps you predict the post-pandemic future and draw a long-term plan for the country. Many were surprised. Some contested. Others hated it. A few liked it. Not a few were silent. It looks […]

Pandemic: American giants make the law

Grandstand. The tracing experiments of the portable users represent for the Gafam (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft) an essential stake which will determine their commercial future and their relations, as well with the civil society as with the political sphere. This is why we find them today in the fight against the pandemic, and […]

Coronavirus Campania, latest news: 891 are infected

the bulletin of March 21 twelve o’clockMarch 21, 2020 – 7:58 am From De Luca stop to construction sites and public offices. Clash with Conte on soft decrees of Online editing The total number of people infected by Coronavirus in Campania rises to 891, the Civil Protection Crisis Unit reports in the latest bulletin. This […]

Covid-19: Italy takes even tougher measures

[NoteonMarch11at10:20pm:ItalianPrimeMinisterGiuseppeConte[Notele11marsà22h20: lePremierministreitalienGiuseppeConteannounced the closure of all businesses except for food and health] Italy will give a new turn of screw in its battle against the Covid-19? While the peninsula already lives in slow motion since the crossing the country in “Protected area”, on Monday, the assumption of new restrictions is on the table. “If we have […]