Not Only Long Covid, People Can Also Experience Long Flu – A study shows people who are sick with the flu can experience long-term symptoms in a similar way to Covid. The Oxford University study analyzed the health records of people diagnosed with the flu and Covid, mainly in the United States. The two groups of people — both have more than 100,000 patients […]

Good Morning America: 09/23/2021

On the program today, September 23, the UN General Assembly in New York continues and in parallel there are events to address migration and climate change issues. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .

Good Morning America: 09/16/2021

On today’s show, September 16, the White House kicks off Hispanic Heritage Month by highlighting Latino members of President Joe Biden’s cabinet. This and other news from the United States and Latin America in Good Morning America, a program of the Voice of America. .

Externally: We are disappointed with the resolution of the parliament in Skopje

The building of our Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is disappointed with the Resolution of the Assembly of the Republic of Northern Macedonia adopted on 29 July 2021 and notes with regret that this act comes at a time when the bilateral dialogue between Sofia and Skopje, as a result of […]

In Toronto, three children were injured in shooting at a birthday party

Photo: DW The police do not talk about the condition of the wounded The police do not provide information about the suspects, but notes that the children were not their targets. In the Canadian city of Toronto, three children were injured during a birthday celebration by gunfire. It is reported by Associated Press Sunday, June […]

The struggle for Sevpotok-2 is only intensifying. Die Welt

Photo: US does not abandon sledges against Nord Stream 2 Meanwhile, in a survey conducted among German citizens, an unexpected conclusion was made, the newspaper notes. The administration of US President Joe Biden imposed and immediately suspended sanctions against Nord Stream 2 AG, the operator of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline project, and […]

The UOC celebrates 25 years with its own model

The Open University of Catalonia was born in 1995 with its own learning model. 25 years later, the UOC has become a benchmark for online learning and has been ranked among the 150 best universities youth in the world and the best online university in Ibero-America, according to Times Higher Education. The UOC has 73,500 […]

Sending secret messages with the iPhone – this trick works

Dennis Steimels With this clever iPhone trick, you can send secret messages without them appearing in a messenger. We show how it works. Enlarge Send secret messages with iPhone © oatawa/ If you want to exchange messages with your chat partner that you don’t see in various messengers, then there is a simple trick. You […]

The FMM launches capsules with music teachers for you to interact with the sounds

This project will be published every Wednesday at 4:00 PM starting on February 3. Editorial Information Because music is lived every day, the Morelia Miguel Bernal Jiménez Music Festival will stay close to you with the “Learn with the Festival” program, which is made up of different capsules in which you will create music with […]

OM, Les notes des Olympiens!

Here are the scores of the Olympians: Mandanda, 6/10: What to say, he was very lonely tonight, apart from his exchanges, with whom everything is going well, he was forgotten by the rest of the team. Sakai, 2/10: Catastrophic match on his part, like almost all of the players tonight. Replaced by Khaoui at half-time. […]