9 Benefits of Solar Energy for Humans

Suara.com – The sun is the greatest source of energy that existed during human civilization. The benefits of solar energy for humans also quite a lot. The energy produced by the sun consists of two types, namely heat energy and light energy. These two energies are utilized by humans optimally. Anything benefits of solar energy […]

5 Dangers of Vitamin D Poisoning due to Overdose

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. This vitamin provides a number of good benefits for the body, ranging from reducing the risk of heart disease, lowering depression, calcium absorption, to better cell function. Vitamin D occurs naturally in some foods or can be obtained through nutritional supplements as well as from […]

Recognize the Symptoms of Vitamin D Poisoning

Vitamin D poisoning occurs when a person takes supplements carelessly. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Vitamin D is linked to a plethora of health benefits, from boosting the immune system, maximizing bone and dental calcium absorption, to improving heart health. Vitamin D can be obtained from several food sources, supplements, and sunlight. Even though vitamin D very […]

Impact of Vitamin D Deficiency on Eyes

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – When the body vitamin D deficiency in the body is reduced, eye signs will appear and may require medical attention. Early research has shown vitamin D may have a protective effect against vision loss by preventing age-related eye conditions. Vitamin D itself is a water-soluble compound and is produced in the skin […]

Beware, Consumption of Vitamin D Supplements with High Doses Can Cause Poisoning

Suara.com – Since coronavirus pandemic occurs, experts recommend people to consume supplement additionally to protect against the spread of Covid-19. One of the recommended supplements is vitamin D. However, taking vitamin D can also cause side effects. Especially if consumed in excess or take high doses. This is because vitamin D is fat soluble. That […]

Dangers of Excessive Vitamin D Consumption

Taking too much vitamin D can actually be toxic to the body. Trigger hypercalcemia JAKARTA Vitamin D has become a popular vitamin since the COVID-19 pandemic. Besides being good for bone health, this vitamin that can be obtained from sunlight also has benefits for the immune system. The reason is due to the discovery of […]

Vitamin D Deficiency Increases Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – A study called deficiency vitamin D can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Research published in Molecular Nutrition Food Research states that vitamin D deficiency in mice causes cardiac dysfunction by myocardial insulin resistance. This study looked at the cause-and-effect relationship between vitamin D deficiency and cardiometabolic disorders. In this study, launching […]