Researchers Call Covid-19 Patients Must Consume Vitamin D

PR DEPOK – Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism Endocrine Society publishes related recent studies Covid-19. The study revealed that more than 80 percent of 200 patient Covid-19 in a hospital at Spanish have vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D is a hormone produced by the kidneys that controls blood calcium concentration and affects the system […]

Foods rich in vitamin D and calcium are good for bone health

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Vitamin D and calcium are two nutrients and minerals that are essential for building bones, keeping them healthy and strengthening them in the long term. So, to avoid bone diseases and conditions like osteoporosis, these two nutrients must always be present every day. Most of the vitamin D comes from sunlight, calcium […]

To prevent osteoporosis … foods to eat and others to avoid

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" And longer a disease OsteoporosisOne of the most prevalent diseases around the world, especially after the age of forty, where the bones of the body become weak and easy to break, to the point that any fall or even simple exertion such as bending or Cough It can cause fractures. […]

What can vitamin D and zinc do to fight corona?

Several recent studies have looked at the effect of vitamin D and zinc on the Corona virus, and one of the studies conducted on 489 people found that those who suffer from vitamin D deficiency were more likely to contract the Corona virus, and another study revealed that among 50 people infected with Corona in […]

How long can you spend in the sun to get the most vitamin D?

Sunlight is the largest source of vitamin D, as the body needs it in a specific amount to perform various functions, but although sunlight is available to us in abundance, the vast majority of people around the world suffer from vitamin D deficiency. Moreover, we cannot Get enough of these nutrients from food, and in […]

Hani Al-Nazer calls for preserving this vitamin in the body before winter

Appealed to dr Hani Al Nazer Consultant dermatologist and former head of the Research Center, it is necessary to ensure the level of vitamin D in the body. Al-Nazer added, through a post on his official account on the social networking site Facebook, that we must all make sure of the level Vitamin D In […]

This vitamin prevents you from winter diseases .. Be careful of it

09:00 AM Friday 16 October 2020 Winter is associated with some seasonal illnesses, such as influenza and colds, respiratory infections and even feelings of depression.The sun’s rays are absent for a long time in the winter season in many countries, which deprives many of the vitamin D that helps support the immune system, which exposes […]

What is the relationship of vitamin “D” to the Corona virus? … A doctor answers

8:00 AM Saturday 10 October 2020 Amid local and international warnings of a second wave of the Coronavirus “Covid 19”, it is imperative that we adhere to preventive measures from wearing a muzzle during gatherings, to wash hands and maintain social distancing, in addition to paying attention to vitamins that strengthen immunity. Anesthetist, Sergey Malozimov, […]