Fine for man without a license who killed a child

RTV North In collaboration with RTV North ANNOUNCEMENTS•yesterday, 18:55 A 20-year-old man who got behind the wheel without a license and killed a child while racing in Hoogezand has been sentenced to a fine of 1250 euros. He was also given a suspended week’s confinement because it was the second time he had driven without […]

A dog attacks a child on a hospital campus in northern Shuna

A dog attacks a child on a hospital campus in northern Shuna publication date : Wednesday 12:00 2015-7-8 Northern Shuna – Ashraf Al-Ghazawi A stray dog ​​mauled a child,” the day before last night, inside the Moaz Bin Jabal hospital campus in northern Shuna.The ten-year-old was visiting a patient with his family when he was […]

Central Meteorological Observatory: There are smogs in Huanghuai, Jianghuai and other places in the central and southern parts of North China. It is rainy and snowy in southwest China and other places

1. Weather conditions 1. Domestic situation (1)yesterdayRain and snow occurred in southwest China and northern Xinjiang From 08:00 yesterday to 06:00 today, light to moderate snow or sleet occurred in parts of northeastern Sichuan Plateau, northeastern Yunnan, northwestern Guizhou, Hubei southwest, southern Shaanxi and northern Xinjiang. (2)this morningHaze or fog in Huanghuai and the Sichuan […]

Researcher on music and buying behavior: “You don’t buy a car because of the music”

With Italian music in store, we are more likely to buy Italian rather than French wine. Lüneburg researcher Monika Imschloß explains why. The faster the music plays, the faster we move: Shopping in Hamburg’s Europapassage Photo: Daniel Bockwoldt/dpa taz: Mrs. Imschloß, buy more pizza to Eros Ramazzotti songs? Monika Imschloss: Like most people, I’d say: […]