Finally a daughter! The fifth offspring of actor Edgars Pujāts has been born

Actor Edgars Pujāts announces that on the evening of July 15, his fifth child has been born. This time the actor has become the father of the long-awaited daughter. “Little amber people are surprised by a beautiful melody. They were chanted by Elodia Grace Puja, ”says the happy father about the birth of the daughter. […]

Javier Viana, playwright and actor: “I’m not Lorca, I try to get his words through me”

Independent actor, musician, writer, director and producer, Javier Viana (Málaga, 1971) is armed in Espejo, a scenic whim of Lorca’s personal experiences, his epistolary relationships, conferences and extracts from his work, to rescue the character from the darkness that surrounds his murder and focus on the opposite: the shine of your goblin. How was your […]

Düsseldorf: Worringer Platz remains a problem

Düsseldorf District Mayor Annette Klinke continues to demand the dismantling of the new fence on Worringer Platz: “The scene will not vanish into thin air and public space should be available to everyone.” The newly erected fence on Worringer Platz continues to be a topic of conversation. District Mayor Annette Klinke (Greens) has received several […]

15 Conference on classical theater

From Monday 26 to Wednesday 28 Place: San Pedro Performing Arts Center Presentation: The Conference has yet to celebrate its fifteen editions, a round number to congratulate, and more so when it has cost us so much to get there. Naturally, the lived experience will appear in the reflections of our meetings, because the pandemic […]

It hurts so bad, Ariel Tatum used to punch his own hole -…

Ariel Tatum (Photo: S. G. @arieltatum) – Actress Ariel Tatum apparently used to punch his own nostrils. READ ALSO: Nikita Mirzani Leaks Amanda Manopo’s Tariff, Surprised Immediately! In her upload some time ago, the 24-year-old woman looked adept at striking her own COVID-19 test kit. However, the action of striking the nostrils with the […]

Actress Allison Mack sentenced to three years in prison in sex slave case

Mack, best known for his role in the TV series Smallville, has pleaded guilty. In court, she said she had broken up with cult leader Keith Raniere in the group NXIVM, and that she had made choices she “would always regret”. – I apologize to those I brought into NXIVM. “I’m sorry I exposed you […]