Bilfinger and Hydrogenious become partners – Bilfinger SE

13.10.2021 Strategic partnership for industrial scaling of the Hydrogenious LOHC plant systems Implementation of joint large-volume hydrogen projects The internationally leading industrial service provider Bilfinger and the LOHC market pioneer Hydrogenious LOHC Technologies (“Hydrogenious LOHC”) enter into a strategic partnership and bundle their complementary know-how. The companies aim to make green hydrogen commercially available on […]

A paramedic nearly killed a 3-year-old child with a drug for high blood pressure

PHOTO: pixabay A 3-year-old child from the Lukovit village of Rumyantsevo nearly lost his life after a paramedic injected him with a drug to relieve high blood pressure. Little Stelian suffered from an allergy to a certain type of hairy fruit. On Tuesday night, he drank fruit juice, from which he got rashes all over […]

Link and How to Download PES eFootball 2022 Windows, PS 5, Xbox, and Device Specifications

DIY NEWS – Listen link and method download game eFootball 2022 for free. After being announced a while ago, finally eFootball 2022 officially released and already availabledownload. eFootball 2022 actually not ‘brand’ new because the game made by Konami was previously called Pro Evolution Soccer (PES). Game eFootball available for devices Windows, PC Steam, PS […]

Very Easy and Can Be Tried, How to Download Instagram Photos on HP and PC

Instagram illustration. [USA-Reiseblogger/Pixabay] Quoting from – network, we provide the steps below, a tutorial on how to download Instagram photos without using the application. – For those of you who don’t know how to download instagram photo from Hp and PC Don’t worry, provides the tips. Quoting from – […]

Putin with harsh words to the United States about Afghanistan

Russian President Vladimir Putin has described the withdrawal of US military forces and their allies from Afghanistan as an “escape.” He stressed that the events in this country directly reflect on the security interests of the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, many of which have a common border with Afghanistan. “Now the organization is […]