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New Images of Avengers 5: Dynasty of Kang Show Disappointing Replacement for Jonathan Majors


New footage of the future film “Avengers 5” has appeared online, showing Kang’s replacement, which has disappointed many Marvel fans.

A completely new image from the upcoming film “Avengers 5: Dynasty of Kang” has been posted online, in which a new rival awaits the superheroes in the person of Kang. As it became known recently, actor Jonathan Majors, who played Kang in the MCU, was fired from Marvel films, and therefore fans expect that a completely new performer of this role will appear in the future. The new shot just showed actor John Boyega in the role of the new Kang from the movie “Avengers 5: Dynasty of Kang.” Boyega is best known for his role as Finn in the Jedi franchise.



It is worth noting that the new shot of John Boyega as the new Kang from Avengers 5 is a fan creation. The author under the nickname agtdesign decided to demonstrate to all network users his version of replacing Jonathan Majors with a new actor. Officially, it is not yet known exactly what Marvel Studios will do with the film “Avengers 5: Dynasty of Kang.” It is assumed that the authors have two options: simply replace Majors with a new actor, or move away from the Kang idea and introduce a new anti-hero into the MCU films for the Avengers to meet. One of the main candidates among fans for this role is Doctor Doom. Fans note that they would not like to see John Boyega as the new Kang.

Avengers 5: Kang Dynasty is scheduled for release in May 2026. Marvel Studios is currently reworking the script. Screenwriter Michael Waldron has been tasked with rewriting the plot of Avengers 5.

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