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How to Directly Download IG Photos and Videos on iPhone and Mac with “Instagram Download 2024” Shortcut

Instagram has not allowed you to directly download photos, videos or limited-time updates. Do you want to collect these beautiful pictures, videos or limited-time updates?This article is going to share a super quick and convenient technique. Just use the built-in “Shortcut” App to Directly download various IG photos, videos, and limited-time updates on your iPhone or Mac with just one clickthere is no need to open another web page or install a third-party app!

“instagram download 2024” shortcut

This article uses“instagram download 2024” shortcutthrough the “Shortcut” App, you can directly download IG photos, videos, limited-time updates and other types of audio and video on your iPhone. You can also download the entire post, pictures and videos in batches, which is super efficient!

Readers who want to use it directly, please click the download link shared below:

For those who still don’t know how to use it, please continue reading our teaching and sharing.

Add the “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut in the “Shortcut” App

To use this feature, you must first add the “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut to the “Shortcuts” App.

First, click on the “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut download link above, and then press[Get Shortcut]>[Add Shortcut]. Automatically jump to the “Shortcut” App, and when you see the “Instagram Download 2024” icon on the page, it means that the shortcut has been successfully downloaded and added.

※ For the methods and precautions for adding shortcuts for users after iOS 13, please see:How to download shortcut? Can’t download untrusted shortcuts?

Warm reminder, the first few times you use the “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut download function, you may be prompted with “Allow Access”. In this case, please press “Always Allow/Allow Once” to continue the download steps.

Let’s take a look at how to use the “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut~

How to use the “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut to download Instagram photos and videos on iPhone?

Open the Instagram App, find the video or photo post you want to download and set it to “Public”, and click the[Paper Plane Pattern]button. Then select[Share to…].

Then go down and find[Instagram Download 2024]in the list, click it, and then wait patiently for the shortcut to automatically run the download. When you see the “Download Completed” prompt pops up above, it means you’re done!

The downloaded file will be automatically saved to the “Recent Projects” in the “Photos” App. You can see that all the photos and videos in the same post have been downloaded at once.

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Isn’t it super easy to use?

The “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut is also available on Mac

Starting from macOS 14, there is also the “Shortcuts” App on Mac to edit and use shortcuts, so if you have a Mac on hand and have upgraded to mac OS 14 and above, you can also operate it directly on your Mac after downloading the “Instagram Download 2024” shortcut. , easily download IG photos and videos in batches with one click.

If you use the computer web version of Instagram, please use[Copy Link]to obtain the post URL, and then click the[Instagram Download 2024]shortcut icon to start downloading. The downloaded file is also stored in the Mac “Photos” App.

implement“instagram download 2024” shortcutShowing error message or no response?

Usually the shortcut is temporarily wrong. Try the following 3 solutions first, which usually solves the problem:

  • Try doing this a few times.
  • Completely close the “Shortcut” app and then run the shortcut again.
  • Restart your iPhone and then execute the shortcut again.
  • It’s super convenient to download the built-in “Shortcut” for all IG media on iPhone! No need to install other apps

    If you want to know more about the “Shortcut” application, welcome to the APPLEFANS websiteShortcuts Application ZoneTake a look~

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