Play The Hunter: Call of the Wild. Free at the Epic Games Store right now

If you are eager to shoot some digital animals, you can now do so because the Swedish-developed game The Hunter: Call of the Wild is now completely free via Epic Games Store. So if this sounds tempting, you can download the game via the link below. Another thing that is free where right now are […]

Apple restarts sales in Turkey again. With about 25 percent higher prices

After a two-day sales halt, the Apple Store seems to be selling gadgets in Turkey once again. Earlier this week, we wrote that Apple has stopped its own sales in the country due to high inflation and the low value of the Turkish lira. Now the Apple Store will be up and running again, but […]

Creative director for Dragon Age 4 leaves Bioware. Another high-ranking goes on

Bioware has had a couple of rather difficult years. Their latest game, Anthem and Mass Effect: Andromeda, has been heavily criticized and a bunch of senior developers have decided to leave the traditional game studio. Now another high-ranking individual has decided to leave Bioware and this time it is Matt Goldman, senior creative director for […]