Get ready, Apple Makes a Folding iPad

Reportedly, this folding iPad is equipped with components from China Anjie Technology. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Product fans Apple can’t miss any product to be released. One of which is iPad fold. Supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said iPad move Apple is rumored to be releasing in 2024. Later, the folding iPad will be equipped with […]

The foldable iPad will arrive in 2024, according to Apple analyst

According to an Apple analyst, a foldable iPad could arrive early next year. Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst specializing in the apple company, says that Apple could launch a foldable iPad early next year. Kuo also expects to be joined by a new iPad Mini, which will go into mass production in early 2024. Kuo […]

Apple Releases iOS Update for Older iPhones and iPads, Here’s the List

As seen above, the iOS 16.3 update is relatively minor with not too many changes in features for iPhone users. This isn’t too surprising, considering that the iOS 16.3 update isn’t yet in beta testing like it used to be. After iOS 16.3 was released, many iPhone fans hoped that Apple would soon do beta […]

This way you avoid captcha with Apple’s automatic verification

Captcha, which stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart, is ironically one of the most annoying technologies ever invented to help humans. They are there to prevent bots and other mischief that ravages the internet. Captchas have played their part, as they are no longer a match for machine […]

Bloomberg: Apple switches to its own micro-led displays – may take ten years

According to several rumors, the 2024 or 2025 Apple Watch Ultra could be the first to feature an Apple-designed micro-LED display. After that, Apple’s product series such as iPhone, iPad and Mac can also be equipped with the new screen technology, according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman in his newsletter Power On during Sunday. According […]

Apple plans to launch a new “iPad mini” in late 2023

Apple plans to release a new version of the iPad mini, and the new device is expected to launch late next year 2023 or the first half of next year 2024, according to the latest information shared by well-known analyst Ming Shi Kuo . The currently circulating iPad mini was released in September of last […]

iOS 16.2 beta could make your life easier

9to5Mac recently uncovered some interesting information in Apple’s second beta, iOS 16.2. Specifically, it would be a new “custom accessibility mode” for iOS. In other words, this new mode will allow you to change different elements on the home page of your iPhone or iPad. Screenshots taken by 9to5Mac reveal that this custom accessibility mode […]