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Apple Announces 2023 App Store Award Finalists and Categories

(Picture/photo taken from Apple’s official website)

The annual App Store Awards are here!Apple earlier officiallyAnnounce There are nearly 40 shortlisted applications in 10 categories, spanning different platforms such as iPhone, Mac, and iPad, competing for the final Best App and Game of the Year.

Apple mainly differentiates by platform and type. There are three models in each category. In the “iPhone App of the Year” award, there are “AllTrails” which focuses on outdoor sports navigation, “Duolingo” for language learning, and must-have apps for flights such as overseas travel. “Flighty” was prepared. As for “iPhone Game of the Year”, “Afterplace”, “Honkai Impact: Star Rail” and “Vampire Survivors” were shortlisted respectively.

Apple said that the App Store Awards winners will be selected from the finalists announced this time and are expected to be officially announced in the next few weeks. The complete list of winners is as follows:

iPhone App of the Year: AllTrails, Duolingo, Flighty
iPhone Game of the Year: Afterplace, Honkai Impact, Vampire Survivors
iPad App of the Year: Concept, DaVinci Resolve, Prêt-à-Makeup
iPad Game of the Year: Eggman Party, Lost in Play, Pocket City 2
Mac App: 《Linearity Curve》, 《Photomator》, 《Portal》
Mac Games of the Year: “ELEX II”, “Lies of P”, “Return to Monkey Island”
Apple Watch App: 《Planny》, 《SmartGym》, 《Tide Guide》
Apple TV App: 《Bugsnax》, 《FitOn》, 《MUBI》
Apple Arcade Games of the Year: “Cityscapes,” “Hello Kitty Island Adventure,” “stitch.”
Cultural influence: “Balance”, “Copilot”, “Endling”, “Finding Hannah”, “How to Say Goodbye”, “Pok Pok”, “Proloquo”, “Rebel Girls”, “Too Good To Go”, ” Unpacking》

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