Rudi García spoke about the future of Cristiano Ronaldo | Other Soccer Leagues

Cristiano Ronaldo is a media impact, wherever it is. It is a world-class effect, since it moves and generates any number of people around it. The signing of Al Nassr marked a turning point in his career, not only financially, but also because he reached a league outside the elite. For now, speculations continue to […]

Dani Alves plays football in prison and determines his position

Days pass, and it is said that the former star, Dani Alves, is trying to adapt as quickly as possible to his new life in prison, which was revealed by his colleagues in “Saints2”, with whom, according to the newspaper “La Vanguardia”, he played some football matches. And if there is something that distinguishes the […]

An imaginary design for the Playstation 6 console.. Discover the new developments

Although Sony has officially stated that the PlayStation 6 gaming platform is expected to be released in 2027, an enthusiastic designer imagines what the console will look like. The PlayStation 6 is designed as Sony’s next generation gaming console. And just like its predecessor, it is expected to be the most popular gaming console in […]

They filter that Pfizer seeks to mutate the covid to sell new vaccines

A Pfizer researcher said on hidden camera that the company is allegedly “exploring” ways to mutate covid to gain an advantage in developing new vaccines, the statements were obtained by an undercover journalist for Project Veritas. The pharmaceutical company Pfizer has been one of the main protagonists in the fight against covid-19. The company, together […]

Sony adds 13 new games to the PlayStation VR2

The Japanese electronics company, “Sony Corp,” announced the addition of 13 new games to the “PlayStation VR2” gaming device, when it is launched on February 22 or at the end of next March. The list of these games includes; Rise Infinite Tetris Effect: Connected Game., which specializes in technology issues, stated that the addition […]

Gareth Bale announces his retirement from football: I feel very lucky

Welsh footballer Gareth Bale has announced his retirement from club and international football, effectively ending his career. “After careful and thoughtful consideration, I announce my immediate retirement from club and international football,” Bale wrote on his social media account. “I feel very lucky to have fulfilled my dream of playing the sport that I love. […]

An 8-year-old boy is addicted to games: he doesn’t want to study, his parents help him suspend school… The rule of “playing 16 hours a day” is extraordinary | International | CTWANT extension

Many children are addicted to online games, so it affects their schoolwork and normal life, which makes parents very upset. There is a couple of parents in Wuhan, Hubei, China. After discussing with the teacher, they took the initiative to ask to “suspend school and play”. The result was unexpected after only 3 days. According […]

Imanol just needs to play in the Champions League

Imanol Bailiff arrives in the press room after signing a two-season renewal. / alt. wolf Royal society The 199 games he directed Imanol at Real they are divided into the League (158), Copa del Rey (18), Europa League (22) and Spanish Super Cup (1). All that remains for Oriotarra is to play a Champions League […]