The game Kingdom Come received a Czech dubbing. It has sold 5.5 million copies

Embracer Group’s financial report at the end of 2021 stated that Kingdom Come: Deliverance had already been purchased by four million players. In other words, that adds up to more than 1.5 million copies sold in a year and a few months. Moreover, it is quite likely that sales will rise even more in the […]

They killed Kenny, the bastards. Vaculík’s voice is a symbol of anime

IN TODAY’S EPISODE YOU WILL LEARN, AMONG OTHER THINGS: Dubbing The Simpsons (1:40) Jackie Chan in the Czech Republic (9:15) Talking to yourself (14:48) Distinguishing characters and showing voices (18:05) “One sometimes thinks and wonders if it’s weird dubbing a twelve-year-old cartoon boy at fifty. But it’s about adapting to the role,” says Vaculík, who […]

A SHOCK FOR THE SPECTATORS: Nela Boudová encloses it in …

When you say Nela Boudováit pops up at the same time for many people Giulia Roberts (54) o Cinzia Nixon (56) from the hit series Sex in the City. She has been the voice actress for more than thirty years and she, although she can courageously continue to devote herself to this interesting discipline, also […]

O Dob, we join and greet him • Newspaper Al Marsad

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documents a new appearance of “Ibrahim Abdullah”, the brother of the artist Abdul Majeed Abdullah. He said he is a fan of Abdul Majeed Abdullah and one of his students, noting that he admires all of his songs, because he has a high sense, and deals with high-class poets and […]

Karel Richter died. The actor whose voice was heard in Broučce and Fantomas

The public farewell to the holder of the František Filipovský Award for lifelong dubbing championship will take place on August 17 at 12:00 in the Great Ceremonial Hall of the Strašnice crematorium. Grandson Jan Richter informed ČTK about it. – “Karel Richter devoted his life primarily to the theater when he played his first role […]

Actor and drummer Dalimil Klapka, the voice of Inspector Columba, died

Actor Dalimil Klapka died on Tuesday at the age of 89. The daily Blesk informed about the death, and later the actor’s son Jan Klapka stated it on Facebook. – Dalimil Klapka was born on May 22, 1933 in Prague, where he also graduated from Jirásek’s pedagogical grammar school. In 1953 he was accepted to […]

Přemek Forejt and his new role: After years he fulfilled his…

– Eva Burešová and Přemek Forejt Source: Profimedia – – Přemek Forejt is no longer just a chef in his restaurant Entrée, but he has expanded his field of activity in several other ways. In addition to standing behind the microphone as a singer from time to time, he has also recently become a quality […]

Vondráčková’s depressing pain: She also canceled the celebration

On Thursday, Lucie visited the Breakfast with Nova show, where she testified about all her current emotions. Of course, there was also a canceled birthday party. “It seems completely inadequate for me to celebrate a birthday. The time is so sad and shocking that we are not entitled to celebrations. “ said the singer, who […]