Ukrainian defenders destroyed two “important military facilities” of the Russians – General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

About it in the evening summary informed The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Facebook. In addition, Ukrainian pilots hit the position of the Russian anti-aircraft missile system. “The missile and artillery units of the Ukrainian Defense Forces hit three command posts, an enemy manpower concentration area, an artillery concentration area and […]

D66 wants to close Rotterdam The Hague Airport

Unlike various other left-wing parties, such as GroenLinks and the Party for the Animals, D66 does not want to close the airport as quickly as possible, but wants to phase it out gradually. The doors of the terminal must be locked by 2040 at the latest. By taking a little more time for the closure, […]

Modellista NEO ADVANCE STYLE … Tokyo Auto Salon 2023[detailed image]| Response (

Toyota Customizing & Development has set customized parts that give Toyota’s new “Prius” “advancement”, “refinement” and “dignity”. Develop two styles with a strong presence. One of them is the “NEO ADVANCE STYLE”, which features large LED illumination. The Neo Advanced Style expresses a dynamic sense of advancement with eye-catching large left and right LED illuminations. […]

In the United States, all air traffic turned upside down by a computer failure

A computer outage forced the US civil aviation regulator (FAA) to temporarily suspend all domestic flight departures on Wednesday morning, causing widespread delays, with the White House ruling out the possibility of a cyberattack at this stage. The incident , which began overnight Tuesday to Wednesday, affected a crucial information system for pilots and crews.To […]

FAA System Failure Delayed More Than 9,900 Flights – Xinhua

The FAA system failure delayed more than 9,900 flights On January 11, local time, according to data from flight tracking data company FlightAware, due to a system problem at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on the morning of the 11th, at 8:00 pm EST the same day , 9,904 US flights were delayed, 1,339 flights […]

British intelligence explained the deployment of Russian aviation in Belarus

How noticed In summary, on January 8, 2023, the Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a joint Russian-Belarusian tactical flight exercise, to be held in the country from January 16 to February 1, 2023. As of January 8, 2023, She said in the summary, amateur air observers noted the arrival of a total of 12 […]

New 1817-horsepower “Venom F5” hypercar appeared, circuit-only car… US Announcement | Response (

Hennessy performanceteeth1moon9Japan, new Hennessy “Venom” hypercar F5Coupe-based circuit carPoison F5Coupe Revolution” (Hennessey Venom F5 Revolution Coupe) was announced in the United States. Poison F5The coupe is a hypercar developed with the goal of being the fastest road car in the world. car nameF5” is the highest degree on the tornado scale,F5derived from According to the […]

Two bodies found in the landing gear of the Avianca A320

Flight AV116 had departed Santiago de Chile earlier in the day. According to official information from the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, two people were found dead in the landing gear during the subsequent maintenance inspection. The bodies found would have been frozen. Biden’s men may have already crawled on the landing gear earlier this month […]