Eastern Mediterranean Gas: Increasing Discoveries, Demand and Interest

Our readers are Twitter users You can now follow the latest news for free through our Twitter accountClick here to subscribe Interest in eastern Mediterranean gas increased during the year 2022; Due to the high European demand following the embargo imposed by these countries on Russian oil supplies, due to the invasion of Ukraine. What […]

How Russia has lost its role in the global energy market

Russia has lost its leverage over Europe and the Western world, and thus its place in the global energy market. Since February 24 of last year, when Putin announced the invasion of Ukraine, one of the main trump cards of the Kremlin to break the spirit of Western support for Ukraine was energy resources. Campaigns […]

Dear fuel, the map of the regions where petrol and diesel cost the most

8/10 ©Ansa In Umbria, in Cannara (PG), petrol costs 2.319 euros per liter and diesel 2.406 euros per litre. Slightly lower in Venetoa Godego Castle (TV), where petrol costs 2.279 euros per liter and diesel 2.366 euros per litre, and much lower in Molisea Campobassowhere they cost “only” 2.069 and 2.119

Petrol is close to 2 euros, the government evaluates the intervention – Economy

Fuel prices continue to rise, after the calm imposed by the Draghi government ended on January 1st. According to the Quotidiano Energia website, the average price of petrol served rose to 1.965 euros per litre, that of diesel to 2.023 euros. The Minister of Enterprise, Adolfo Urso, has promised cross-checks by the Guardia di Finanza […]