People pay even more. Energy suppliers have announced a dramatic rise in prices

Czechs’ wallets will experience another increase in price. Energy prices are climbing to dizzying heights, suppliers are unable to keep them at current prices. In most cases, they only guarantee them to customers who have a contract with fixation. New customers will no longer receive advantageous prices. At the same time, the transition to a […]

The European Commission has proposed measures against rising energy prices, will consider a joint purchase of gas – ČT24 – Czech Television

The Commission also mentioned some longer-term steps, including the possible joint purchase of gas or the expansion of storage capacity. However, other fundamental demands of states, such as the reform of the electricity market or the regulation of emission allowance prices, have not been heard by the EU executive. The several-year-on-year rise in gas and […]

Naftogaz has offered a fixed price for gas until 2023

Photo: Naftogaz proposes a new gas price The decision was agreed and approved by the government of Ukraine and the supervisory board of the company. NAC Naftogaz of Ukraine from Tuesday, October 12, he offered a fixed price for gas in the amount of UAH 13.7 / cu. m (excluding VAT and transportation) by […]

Gas prices are falling, that’s when

The EU has repeatedly tried to force Russia to market itself in the European natural gas market. But despite all the years of striving for diversification, there are still many problems between European customers and Gazprom. The current situation is no exception. This was stated by Martin Vladimirov from the Center for the Study of […]

The energy watchdog is investigating Bohemia Energy, Europe Easy Energy and Lumius

The Energy Regulatory Office (ERO) is investigating energy suppliers Bohemia Energy, Europe Easy Energy and Lumius for possible unfair practices in the energy market. Office spokesman Michal Kebort said this. According to him, for Bohemia Energy and Europe Easy Energy, the ERO is investigating possible violations of the Consumer Protection Act, specifically suspicions of the […]

Hundreds of complaints a day at the end of price fixing and termination of contracts. The Office saves energy supplies – ČT24 – Czech Television

Kebort stated that already during September, several hundred consumers complained to the ERO about a unilateral change in the fixed price by Bohemia Energy and Europe Easy Energy. Now the number of such consumer complaints reaches several hundred every day, the spokesman said. “We are receiving an extreme number of complaints about the behavior of […]

Europe’s New Steps to Get Out of the Energy Crisis

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – European governments are scrambling for solutions to protect their citizens from soaring energy bills as gas and electricity costs hit record highs across the continent ahead of winter. The European gas benchmark price has skyrocketed by more than 500% this year due to limited gas supply in contrast to the growing […]